Tattooed ‘Human Satan’ has three fingers removed from his hands to turn them into CLAWS


A heavily tattooed man dubbed the ‘Human Satan’ who is addicted to body modifications has three fingers removed from his hands to turn them into claws.

The ‘human satan’

Michel ‘Diabao’ Praddo, 49, from the Praia Grande coast near São Paulo in Brazil, had the little and ring finger on his right hand as well as the ring finger on his left hand amputated.

The body-modification addict shared the shocking photographs of his recent amputation on his right hand on social media after having his first finger cut off two years ago.

Praddo told his fans how he had hesitated before going ahead with the procedure because he was worried it could ruin his work as a tattoo artist.

His story

He said: ‘At first it was very difficult, but it didn’t take long to get back to tattooing almost normally.

‘Sometimes I have pain and a phantom sensation, which still leaves me confused when working or doing other things.’

But he added: ‘I really wanted to change myself and I was very satisfied.’

The 49-year-old Brazilian ink addict is among the most altered human beings on the planet.

He currently holds the Guinness World Record as the person with the most subdermal ‘horn’ implants on his head, showing of 33 implants that drastically changed his appearance.

And he has had countless surgeries and inkings to make himself look less human.

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85% of his body is inked

He estimates that he has had more than 60 procedures, and around 85 per cent of his body is covered in ink.

Now Praddo plans to turn his left hand into a claw too, according to local media.

He said that the project, previously called ‘La Garra’, or ‘The Claw’, would now become known as ‘Las Garras’ or ‘The Claws’.

Praddo added: ‘I have three loves: my work, my weight training and body modification. I was taking care of the first two, but leaving my transformation aside.’

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