Terrifying moment screaming motorist bangs on FEMALE driver’s windscreen and hurls vile abuse in ‘road rage’ incident


This is the moment a man is seen banging on a female driver’s windscreen and screaming abuse at her in an alleged ‘road rage’ incident outside of a petrol station.

The video appears to show an extremely angry motorist shout at a woman in her car, branding her a ‘f***ing s**g’ and a ‘f***ing bloody annoying woman’.

The viral news

In the footage, which is said to have been filmed on August 25, a motorist caught up in traffic behind the fracas attempts to intervene.

Posting the video on Facebook, Becky Ryan appealed for people to identify the man shouting at the woman, who she identifies as her mother.

She wrote: ‘Anyone know this vile, disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human who decided to verbally abuse my Mum at Tesco Bournemouth Castle Lane Petrol Station last Friday?’

The video begins with the driver shouting ‘F***ing s**g’ at a woman in her car, before he turns to another man off camera and tells him: ‘Yeah alright, I just wanted to make a point.’

The other man’s response cannot be made out in the video but he is heard saying ‘Well move then’, before the motorist walks away and replies ‘F*** you. F***ing w****r’.

After turning back he then sets eyes on the woman in the car again and storms towards her, before slamming his hands on her windscreen and screaming at her.

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‘You f***ing see me you f***ing tart,’ he shouts.

The other man tells him to ‘get in your car and drive’ to which the motorist responds: ‘Yeah well I don’t like people f***ing filming do I?’

‘What is wrong with you?’ the other man asks. ‘She’s a woman on her own.’ The angry driver replies: ‘She’s a f***ing bloody annoying woman. F***ing woman.’

When asked ‘You wouldn’t do it to me, would you?’ by the other man, the angry motorist replied ‘Well yeah I would actually’ before laughing and asking if the other man is threatening him.

‘No I’m asking you to leave,’ he replies. ‘Get in your car and go, don’t pick on women you big bully.’

Again storming back in the direction of his car, the driver spits: ‘I will pick on anyone I f***ing well please.’

It is not known what the context of this video is or what happened directly before or after the filming.

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