Woman’s five BRUTAL questions for your partner thousands claim will ‘ruin’ any relationship


A comedian has been dubbed an ‘agitator’ and ‘divorce lawyer saleswoman’ for encouraging people to ask their significant other ‘difficult’ questions.

Hannah Jones, from Colorado, is an accomplished performer whose content often focuses on dating, family, and her personal life.

She recently went viral for the ‘absurd’ list of questions that thousands claimed would ‘ruin’ relationships.’

Here are some fun couple’s questions where you can get to know your partner on a deeper level,’ Hannah offered.

How to end a relationship

She followed up with queries like ‘If you had to change one thing about my physical appearance, what would it be and why?’ and ‘There’s a fire in the house and you can only save me or your mother, who do you choose?’

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Hannah went on, ‘If you had to cheat on me with one person that we both know, who would you pick?

‘Would you rather break up and never see me again, or we get to be together for three more years but then I die?’

Her last question was: ‘Would you rather be with my appearance but someone else’s personality, or someone else’s appearance and my personality?’

Thousands laughed at Hannah’s ‘devious’ questions – offering amendments to make the hypothetical conversation more painful.

‘If you don’t have a significant other, wait until you’re hanging out with a couple and surprise them with this game,’ one said.

‘Why limit it to a partner? You can also ask your bank teller, dentist, local librarian, or the middle-aged woman behind you at Costco,’ another said.

Some actually ended up asking their partners the questions.

‘I sent my husband this and he managed to answer all of them without hurting my feelings and actually made me feel very loved,’ a woman shared.

‘Absolutely insane. My partner somehow found the correct answers to all of these questions, I can never leave him,’ another wrote.

But not everyone was in on the joke.

‘You’re a divorce lawyer saleswoman – you clearly have goals of destruction,’ a man said.

‘How to end a relationship in five simple questions,’ another wrote.

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