20 Years After She Exploded To Stardom In Her Breakout Role As A Homicidal Robot, This Actress Looks More Sensational Than Ever

20 Years After She Exploded To Stardom In Her Breakout Role As A Homicidal Robot, This Actress Looks More Sensational Than Ever

This actress looks as sensational as ever 20 years after she shapeshifted her way to screen siren status. The star was just 23 years old when she landed her breakout role opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killing machine with a form-fitting figure.

She has previously spoken about the strenuous training regime required for filming which saw her shred her body fat down to that of an Olympic athlete.

And the now 44-year-old appears to have kept up with her workout routine as she flaunted her physique on the beach in Santa Monica – but can you guess who it is?

For anyone yet to work it out, the sizzling star is Kristanna Loken who played T-X in 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise Of Machines. The actress was back showcasing her figure this week as she headed to the coast.

She wrapped up in a Roka wetsuit and fluorescent swimming cap before leaping over the waves to take a dip in the sea. Kristanna eventually reemerged from the water and slipped into a more flattering ensemble.

The halter-neck floral maxi dress, which also boasted a thigh-high split, gave a glimpse of her toned arms and legs. Kristanna went through a series of 10 auditions before receiving a call from director Jonathan Mostow saying that her life was about to change forever.

She said: ‘I’ll never forget that moment. I was on a horseback ride with a few girlfriends. I got a call from Jonathan saying, “Your life is about to change permanently after this call. He said you won’t be able to pump gas without people recognizing you and it’s been a wonderful, wild journey ever since.”

The film made history in 2003 as the most expensive film to date, with an eye-watering budget of $205 million. This included implementing a strict training regime which Kristanna started three months prior to filming.

She was put on a high protein, low carb diet by nutritionist Phillip Goglia and participated in regular weight and cardio sessions as well as Krav Maga lessons – an Israeli martial art.

Kristanna was also given a mind coach to eliminate human traits such as showing exertion while running or flinching when using a weapon.

She said: ‘It was tough, but yet I had such inspiration because here I was, everyone was wondering who is this young actress pitted against this male icon of cinematic history and I knew I had a birthing scene in which I would be nude so I had some pretty strong motivation.

‘I was there to be in the best possible shape that I could be in and to get into that mind state of the character and I found myself really empowered doing all that work.’

Opening up about the diet regime, she said: ‘The training was quite grueling. I put on about 15 pounds of muscle mass in the end and got my body fat down to that of an Olympic athlete and I had to keep that up for the whole eight-month shoot.

‘By the end, I was streamlining so much and in the last two to three days when we were filming my birthing scene where I had to be nude, I was just dieting with lemon juice, water, and cayenne pepper.

‘There was a part of me that once it ended was like well now I’m going to eat whatever I want but that food methodology has remained. 

‘There are some things that I’ve incorporated into my life ever since: I still eat protein shakes every morning, raw almonds as a snack and I try not to eat a lot of carbs at night, so usually just fish and veggies. I like the way it feels in my body, and I am an athletic person and I feel like it gives me more energy.’

Kristanna added: ‘At the end when we wrapped, I took my friend Kathleen to the spa, and I remember having pasta and a chip for the first time and just the texture in my mouth was so foreign to me.  I hadn’t had that food in like a year, so it was a big readjustment period.’

The star now balances her time between acting and parenting and is currently working on James Cullen Bressack’s Darkness of Man as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s love interest.

She said: ‘For so long I thought I wanted a child but always wondered how I could do it with so much travelling. But the depth of having such a strong home life is what gives me so much joy. I really try and enjoy all of those small, tiny moments even if we’re just reading or walking. That time is so precious.’

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