Abuja Resident Narrates How She Was Kidnapped By One-Chance Operators And Had To Pay N500,000 For Her Release

Abuja Resident Narrates How She Was Kidnapped By One-Chance Operators And Had To Pay N500,000 For Her Release

In a distressing account published by Micro Second News, another victim of one-chance robbers in Abuja has bravely recounted her traumatic experience of being kidnapped, assaulted, and robbed when she entered a seemingly safe cab.

The incident, which occurred while she was traveling from Kubwa to her sister’s house in Gwarimpa, Abuja, highlights the dangers of one-chance operators prowling the city.

As she entered the vehicle, which appeared ordinary at first glance, the cab held the driver, a lady in the front seat, and two men seated behind.

Initially unaware of the imminent danger, she proceeded to update her sister on her whereabouts through a phone call as she approached her destination. 

However, her plans took a horrifying turn when one of the men suddenly began pressing her neck and subjecting her to physical assault.

Desperate for help, she frantically waved outside the window, hoping someone would come to her aid. Regrettably, no one responded.

The assault continued for approximately thirty agonizing minutes, during which they forced her into the confined space on the car floor and demanded a staggering N1.5 million for her release.

In a desperate attempt to secure her freedom, she reached out to acquaintances for financial assistance. Tragically, whenever someone on the phone expressed inability to provide the requested funds, the assailants intensified their relentless beating.

To further exploit her vulnerability, the perpetrators seized her ATM card and swiftly withdrew any money sent to her.

They even coerced her into logging into her phone, only to forcefully log her out of her device afterward. The harrowing ordeal finally took a merciful turn when they informed her that they would release her due to the N500,000 donated by her loved ones.

In addition to the stolen bag and personal belongings, they abandoned her on an unfamiliar road before speeding away. Stranded and disoriented, she resorted to seeking assistance from passing vehicles, but her pleas for help went unanswered.

Eventually, a Good Samaritan provided her with a ride and allowed her to use their phone to contact her sister.

Surviving this traumatizing encounter, she now urges the public to exercise utmost vigilance and caution, particularly when venturing out at night. Her chilling warning serves as a reminder that one-chance operators possess no shame or conscience, and personal safety should always be a top priority.

Her survival, she believes, is a testament to the grace of God amidst such perilous circumstances.

The survivor’s account, as reported by Micro Second News, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust measures to combat one-chance robberies and ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors in Abuja.

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