Cops find Ohio Walmart gunman Benjamin Charles Jones DEAD after he wounded four shoppers before shooting himself


Shocking footage shows the tense moment police found Ohio Walmart gunman Benjamin Charles Jones dead moments after he opened fire on shoppers.

Jones, 20, injured four people, including two African American women and a Caucasian man and woman, after rampaging through the Beavercreek store with a gun on Monday night.

Police at the crime scene

Police scrambled to the scene within three minutes of receiving the 911 call at 8.36pm and heard gunshots on their arrival. They discovered Jones with a self-inflicted gun shot wound just minutes later.

As of 2pm Tuesday three of his victims were described as stable, while one remained in a critical but stable condition.

Now police have released heart-stopping bodycam footage of the moment they found the shooter dead at the back of the store’s vision center.

The clip shows the officer sprinting towards the store clutching his gun.

As he was assaulting the shoppers

‘Where is he at?’ he shouts to an eyewitness, ‘What does he look like?’

The man points to the direction of the shooter and the officer keeps running.

As he approaches the front of the store he slows down and takes cover behind a wall, pointing his gun at the door before slowly inching round once he thinks the coast is clear.

He continues advancing into the store and can be heard breathing heavily as he scans for the shooter.

The officer carefully makes his way into the vision center, his weapon raised at all times.

Eventually he makes it to the back of the store, his breathing becoming quieter as he tentatively searches for the threat.

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He tucks behind a wall and then suddenly, as he is craning his weapon around, he discovers the body of the shooter.

He pauses to ensure he is dead before radioing in saying: ‘We got him.’

Video from the second officers on the scene shows two of them making their way through the store.

What FBI says

As they approach the vision center their colleague can be heard confirming he has discovered Jones.

The FBI has since said that journal writings from the gunman suggest the attack, ‘may have been at least partially inspired by racially motivated violent extremist ideology.’

A joint investigation between the federal agents and Beavercreek Police found that Jones conducted the shooting with a Hi-Point .45 caliber carbine with one nine-round magazine.

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