Donald Trump HOLDS four-year-old granddaughter Carolina’s hand as she shows him her classroom desk on school Grandparents’ Day


Donald Trump‘s four-year-old granddaughter raced to show him her desk in the classroom as he took time off campaigning to attended her school on Grandparents’ Day.

The former president, 77, held Carolina’s hand during the visit on Wednesday and she guided him through the corridors.

Footage was captured of the moment Carolina, who is the daughter of Eric and Lara Trump, pointed out her desk to her grandfather.

Her mother, Lara, shared the video on social media and wrote: ‘When top priority is showing Grandpa your desk at school.’

‘Strong team for Grandest Friends Day!,’ she captioned the post.

Trump, who is currently the Republican frontrunner for the 2024 presidential nomination, has five children and ten grandchildren.

The video shows Trump wearing a navy suit, white shirt and red tie, holding hands with Carolina as they navigate the school corridors.

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The young child, dressed in her school uniform, then takes the lead and takes the former president through her classroom doors.

She then briefly pauses and her mother is heard saying: ‘Hey Carolina, show him your desk. Show grandpa.’

Carolina quickly lets go of her grandfather’s hand and points to her desk as Trump crouches down and puts his arm around her shoulder.

The video ends there but Lara shared a separate photograph of Carolina with him in which they are posing with her teacher.

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