I spent $50,000 on body modification SURGERY and covering my skin in tattoos


A model revealed she has spent over $50,000 and 10 years altering her body, despite people saying she looked better before.

Right from age 14…

Orylan, from Houston, Texas, started modifying her body at 14 with tattoos, before going on to cover most of her body, even inking her eyeballs.

Previously hitting headlines for making $15,000 a month on OnlyFans, she claims her unusual look is to thank, with people dubbing her a ‘demon’.

Sharing her transformation on her Instagram @orylan1999, she has gained over 124,000 followers and 28,700 views, leaving viewers divided by her radical look.

How many tattoos she’s got on her body

‘I’m unsure how many tattoos I have at this point, I think of them as one big entity,’ the 24-year-old told said.

‘I have spent over $50,000 in total on all my modifications including breast implants and liposuction.

‘Some people assume I’m evil or demonic because of the modifications I’ve done but it’s not true at all.

‘My latest ink is my roses on my face and the butterflies on my chest, my new favourites.

‘I plan to get a portrait leg sleeve of my favourite TV show American Horror Story.

She plans to have more

‘I plan to get more implants in my arm and my other hand as well.’

As well as her tattoos, she has split her tongue, had veneers fitted to form fangs, and had a heart-shaped implant put in her hand.

Despite loving her look, she often receives hate online for her look.

She added: ‘When it comes to people online, I get so much hate.

‘They like to hide behind screens and hate on me because they aren’t happy with themselves and that’s fine but I’m happy with me and that’s all that matters.

‘I chose to make myself happy rather than make the world happy. Life is short and you should do whatever you want.’

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