‘I’m 84 and WALKED IN on my girlfriend having s_x with the handyman – it almost killed me’


An 84-year-old man was left heartbroken after he found his girlfriend in bed with the handyman.

Charles Sarno, a US Navy veteran, was fixing up his girlfriend’s home for rent when he walked in on the shocking scene.

Words from a broken heart

He described the heartbreaking moment, saying: ‘It killed me. It was like a knife in my heart that was torn apart.’

In an attempt to help her grandpa find love again, his granddaughter Anisa Kistler started a social media campaign to find him a ‘nice lady’.

Charles with his dog Jumper

She used the hashtag #helpgrandaddyfindagirlfriend and has received many messages from interested women.

Mr. Sarno, who enjoys cars and staying active, was moved to tears by the kind messages his granddaughter shared.

How his heart got broken

Charles, a man from LaGrange, Georgia, shared his heartbreak after finding his girlfriend in bed with the handyman he had hired to fix her house, and assumed he would be ‘working on the plumbing’ – but when he found them in bed together, he was extremely upset.

He said: ‘It was very bad. She was gone for about a week. I happened to go back by her house. I was getting it fixed up for her so she could rent it out and have some income.

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‘I got there and the car was parked behind the house so you couldn’t see it. The door was open. I walked in and thought maybe they were working on the plumbing. And I found them in bed. She’s with him and I’m paying this guy to fix the house.

Anisa with Charles

‘It killed me. It was like a knife in my heart that was torn apart. I was heartbroken. We were supposed to get married next month. It felt good to hear the comments, like somebody might have cared.

‘I don’t want one [a lady] that’s ready for the nursing home. I’m alright. Everything works and I have wants and needs. I’m not dead. They say that’s the only way. Love can break a heart and love can mend it.’

Charles with his great-grandchildren

Since her post, her grandad has chatted with four ladies on the phone and even planned coffee dates with two of them, along with his dog Jumper.

The social media campaign

In a popular post, Anisa wrote: ‘Now taking applications from your grandmas to date my grandaddy!’

She added, ‘He’s lonely, the ‘lady’ he’s been dating on and off for two years cheated on him and has been using him for years and better avoid me if she has any sense.

‘He’s got a heart of gold. He’s a veteran, he’s kind, he is stable, and he just wants to be with someone who is a good person. He’s active and likes to travel and do things so it’s important that whoever he is with loves to get out and explore!’

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