My husband SPENDS an hour in the shower after work while I look after our screaming toddlers


A woman has been left furious after revealing her husband takes 50 minute showers while she’s left to care for their children.

The anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, took to Reddit to reveal she thinks it is unfair for her to be left with children ‘hanging’ from her legs whilst her husband enjoys nearly an hour bathing.

The woman thinks it’s unfair

She explained that she can’t start dinner and care for the two screaming and crying toddler solo toddlers at the same time.

The woman tried to compromise with her husband and asked him if he takes showers after the toddlers go to bed, but now he refuses.

Reddit users have been left divided by the woman’s plight with some agreeing with the mother but others have sided with the husband.

The tantrum phase of the children

The mother of two toddlers – aged one and three – explained her husband works long days in a ‘pretty physical’ construction job.

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While she only works one or two days a week, she stated their days both begin at 5am regardless, as she spends most of her time caring for the youngsters.

She argued that her days often begin an hour earlier than his in the morning.

Is the husband selfish?

‘He wants to go to the bathroom and take a shower the second he gets in the driveway,’ wrote the mother-of-two.

‘This would be one thing if he was quick, but he takes at least 25 minutes on the toilet and 25 minute showers, and I cannot start dinner with the kids hanging off my legs.’

She requested he wait until the two toddlers go to bed before having his bathroom time, noting that she only had a 2-hour window make the family dinner, clean and prepare the children for bed.

At first the father was seemingly happy to comply, but now he feels its unfair for him to be expected to sit in his sweaty and dirty clothes for two hours.

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