Notorious Russian Cannibal Kills Cellmate After He Was Hit With 19-Year Jail Term After Officers Found A Headless Body In The Boot Of His Car 

Notorious Russian Cannibal Kills Cellmate After He Was Hit With 19-Year Jail Term After Officers Found A Headless Body In The Boot Of His Car 

A notorious cannibal has killed again while in prison by slitting his cellmate’s throat with a razor blade, it is being reported.

Yegor Komarov, 25, is said to have slit the throat of his 42-year-old cellmate’s neck with a razor blade. It is alleged he was found lying next to the corpse in Vyborg pre-trial detention centre.

Komarov was jailed for 19 years in a strict penal colony after the headless body of a businessman fell out of his car boot when he crashed his Mitsubishi into a road safety barrier in Sortavala, a town in northern Russia. At the time, he admitted: “In general I like killing people.”

He confessed to killing another man, aged 38, because he wanted to taste human flesh. He said ”When he died, I gutted his neck and tasted the blood and meat. But the meat was difficult to cut, as the knife was blunt, and I did not like the taste of his veins.”

He chewed the throat of one victim and stabbed the other 20 times. Last year there was speculation that Komarev was the cannibal who had been reported as joining Wagner’s private mercenary army to fight in Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

In fact, at the time, his trial had not been completed and it was another cannibal who was sent to the dictator’s war. Now footage has emerged of a masked Komarov’s chilling testimony when he initially denied he ate a man before admitting he had done so – “spontaneously” – and felt no remorse.

He was in prison at the time he is said to have committed another murder

The Conversation

He was asked by a state investigator: “Did you really eat a man?” Komarov replied: “No, I didn’t eat a man. It’s heavy, it’s just bones. I’m so skinny, how could I eat a man?”

The investigator replied: “Some part of it?” To which Komarov said: “Well, yes.” The rest of the conversation went as this:

Investigator: “Are you ready to eat a man again?” Komarov: “Do you have one?”

Investigator: “Why did you eat a man?” ‌‌Komarov: “Just to try. I didn’t eat just one bite.”

‌‌Investigator: “How did you get the urge?” ‌‌Komarov: “Spontaneously.”

‌On killing and eating the businessman, he said: “I mean, I’m sorry, but I’m not remorseful.” Asked to explain, he just replied: “You know.”

Before disposing of his 38-year-old victim in a St Petersburg Park, Komarov told how he sliced off the man’s tongue, took it home and cooked it with butter. “I tried it, but I didn’t like it,” he said. “But I probably would have liked another part of the body.”

His Biography

He was born in Putin’s home city – St Petersburg – and lived with his parents and grandparents in a communal flat. His social media said he was interested in ‘anarcho-primitivism’ and the ‘elixirs of immortality’, as well as psychedelic music.

His alleged latest killing came when he was in a pre-trial detention centre appealing his 19-year jail term imposed in late June this year. Reports that he had joined Wagner came in September 2022. Under Russia’s laws, murderers, rapists, cannibals and other hardened criminals can only take part in the war once they have been convicted and sentenced.

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