Oklahoma woman, 44, ACCUSED of ‘intentionally giving’ mom, 72, gun to commit SUICIDE


A woman has been arrested after being accused of allegedly helping her mother commit suicide in Oklahoma.

Jaydee Watts, 44, was accused by police of providing a firearm to her 72-year-old mother to end her life after the victim was found dead at home.

The victim, named Lynda Watts, was discovered to have ‘died by means of suicide’ in Oklahoma City on Sept. 10 at 7:13 p.m., Oklahoma City Police confirmed on Tuesday. 

Daughter gave mom a gun to commit suicide

‘During the investigation, detectives learned the deceased’s daughter, 44-year-old Jaydee Watts, intentionally provided a firearm to the victim which prompted the victim to take her own life,’ the police stated.

Watts was arrested on charges of felony murder by caretaker abuse and kidnapping.

The suspect was the main caregiver for her mother, who suffered from dementia, at the time of her death, KOCO News reported, per the New York Post.

She was guilty of some abuse languages

According to the outlet, which cites court documents, authorities obtained footage from inside the victim’s home on the day of the incident showed Watts telling her mother in her bedroom to ‘take your pill or choke on it and die’ among other verbally abusive language, before she left and came back with a handgun.

Watts then took the firearm out of the holster and said to her mother, ‘Do with it what you f—— will,’ leaving it behind.

She threatened her mom

She left for a moment and came back and threatened to lock her mother in the bedroom as she carried a drill. Watts’ mother then shot herself twice.

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Watts called a hospice worker after to let them know of her mother’s death, according to KOCO News. She later told investigators that ‘it sucks being a 24-7 caregiver,’ after being brought in by police.

‘[Watts] suggested that she take her own life, very sadly she did,’ Oklahoma City police Master Sergeant Dillon Quirk told the New York Post.

She turned herself in

Watts turned herself in after a warrant for her arrest was issued, according to the outlet. She was then placed in jail in Midwest City, Oklahoma, ABC 15 News reported.

Watts has since been bonded out of jail for $1 million, according to the New York Post.

Police stated that an investigation is ‘still in the early stages,’ following Watts’ release.

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