Thousands Of Feet In The Sky: Moment Screeching Passenger Is Left With A Bloody Nose After ‘Fight Breaks Out’ On Plane Travelling From Bristol To Tenerife

Thousands Of Feet In The Sky: Moment Screeching Passenger Is Left With A Bloody Nose After 'Fight Breaks Out' On Plane Travelling From Bristol To Tenerife

This is the dramatic moment a screaming passenger is left with a bloody nose after a fight broke out on a Ryanair flight.

There was chaos in the air on Monday’s flight from Bristol to Tenerife, with screaming passengers being knocked to the ground. A video of the incident shows two women on the floor of an airplane aisle as passengers scream and shout.

One of the women, with blood gushing from her nose, stands up and shouts, “Mate, she and he,” as she gestures toward the aisle of the plane.

It’s unclear what she’s accusing them of, but she’s clearly very excited.

“No, look,” as she appears to gesture to her nosebleed. An unknown female voice then says: ‘I didn’t do that’.

The bloodied passenger responds, “He did,” as she gestures back down the plane’s aisle before shouting, “Because you called him a fat son of a bitch.”

The woman with the nosebleed can be heard saying, “Where is my phone, my phone is on the floor,” as the camera cuts out.

Ryanair said police in Tenerife were called to the flight when it landed on the Spanish island.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: ‘The crew of this flight from Bristol to Tenerife (November 27) requested police assistance when a passenger became disruptive during the flight.

‘The aircraft was met by local police on arrival at Tenerife Airport and this individual passenger was removed. This is now a matter for the local police.’

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