Tom Sandoval Says Special Forces Was An ESCAPE From The ‘Frenzy’ Of Scandoval As He Had ‘No Contact With The Outside World’

Tom Sandoval Says Special Forces Was An ESCAPE From The 'Frenzy' Of Scandoval As He Had 'No Contact With The Outside World'

When Tom Scandoval entered Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, viewers were hoping to see the Vanderpump Rules star receive a much-needed humbling.

The various beatings that Tom took were rather cathartic for many audiences, though, Tom remained about as self-absorbed after the fact. Still, the musician made it farther than most expected him to.

As the Special Forces journey has come to an end, Tom had the opportunity to reflect on the experience. He went in saying he was hoping to be punished after Scandoval. So, was it everything he hoped for?

After Special Forces, Sandoval Can “Handle A Lot”

In speaking with The Messenger about his Special Forces experience, Tom said, “I definitely got punished, even more than I bargained for.” He cited specifically how badly he injured his hands and knees. “Every morning I’d break all my scabs open. It hurt. So yeah, I definitely got what I was looking for in that sense.”

However, he was also looking for something beyond punishment – a reprieve from Scandoval. “Like, it was just every day, day in and day out, waking up to crazy stories about me from my gardeners, cousins, nephews, and all these people that I’ve never met in my life. Like, at one point there was some guy saying I got his girlfriend pregnant. It was daily. I needed to get away.”

Tom hoped his time in Special Forces would help VPR viewers change their perception of him. “It was definitely a way of people seeing me in a much different scenario, and I’m sure you noticed, I kinda just kept my mouth shut and sort of focused on what I needed to do.” He also felt he came out with thicker skin. “At this point, I feel like I can handle a lot.”

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