Tyler Perry Says Meghan Markle Used Him Like A ‘Therapist’

Tyler Perry Says Meghan Markle Used Him Like A 'Therapist'

The “Madea” actor and producer claims Meghan Markle confided in him “like a therapist,” when she and Prince Harry left the royal family in 2020.

Perry, 54, famously lent the estranged Duke and Duchess of Sussex his Beverly Hills mansion when they permanently relocated from across the pond. 

“‘Everybody thought Oprah introduced us, but Oprah didn’t even know that I reached out to them,” Perry told Kelly Ripa on a recent episode of her “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast on SiriusXM, explaining that he and Markle connected through a mutual publicist.

“I sent them a note…  and just said, ‘If you ever need anything, I’m here,’ and she called months later and just talked to me like I was a therapist and we just had a great conversation,” he continued.

Perry added, “It is very important for people in this business to have a safe place to land, to have a place where they can trust and talk freely and get advice that’s not going to be biased or from somebody who wants something from them.”

The billionaire media mogul further claimed that Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, “hid out at my house for a long time.”

“It was so great,” he reflected. “Every day. Every day that they were there, I looked to see if anything was happening online. Nothing. They don’t even know, so for weeks and weeks, they were there. They were so happy. It was such a beautiful moment.”

The Post has contacted reps for Markle for comment.

The royal couple spoke at length about Perry’s generosity in their 2022 Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan.”

“He [was] like, ‘My house is safe.… You’re going to stay as long as you need,’” Markle said of Perry. “‘And I’m going get you there safely. And I’m gonna keep you there safely until you have somewhere to go.’”

Perry also provided the couple with private security and a personal plane to secretly transport them from Canada to California during that time.

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