Video: Male flight attendant CAUGHT on camera upskirting a woman as she boarded plane


A shocking video has captured the moment a male flight attendant was caught upskirting a woman as she boarded an Aeromexico flight.

In the clip, which has sparked outrage online, the flight attendant was seen using his phone to film up a woman’s skirt as she boards a plane.

The clip reveals….

He appears to slide his phone camera — which was facing up — across the floor as she walks past to board the plane.

He was allegedly trying to cover up the shocking act by pretending to look in a drawer on the ground.

He kept head bowed down as he went through the contents of the drawer, which appeared to contain mini alcohol bottles, while sliding his phone to film up her skirt without looking at her.

The man, who was reportedly working on an Aeromexico flight, failed to notice he is being recorded by another passenger.

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The person who recorded the clip sent the video to a journalist, claiming the woman in the video was not the first person this happened to on the flight, but she was the first one captured on video.

NO to sexual harassment

The reporter they informed has since shared it online with the caption: ‘It happened in #Aeromexico, women must be free from being sexually harassed.’

The person who filmed the footage shared it with me with the message: ‘Ximena, good morning! I am very sorry to bother you, I wanted to send you this information, it just happened at this moment.’

Airline Aeromexico issued a statement saying they would be launching an investigation tribunal.

A spokesperson said: ‘Aeromexico, in agreement with the Mexican Aviation Flight Attendants Union Association (ASSA de Mexico), regrets what happened and reiterates that no inappropriate conduct will be allowed in its operations.’

What is upskirting?

Upskirting is the practice of taking non-consensual photographs and video from underneath a person’s clothing, usually to capture images of their underwear or even genitalia.

It is illegal in England and Wales, parts of Europe, Asia and some states in America.

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