Wall Street banker is FIRED after screaming ‘go back to your country’ at Jewish American


A Wall Street banker has been fired after screaming ‘go back to your country’ at a Jewish American man while he covered up posters pleading for the return of hostages kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

Backlash after the video went viral

Kurush Mistry and his partner Shailja Gupta have faced a huge backlash after the two-minute video posted on social media late last week of the incident on New York’s 68th Street and Riverside Boulevard went viral.

Mistry can be seen sticking the poster to a lamppost with Gupta beside him.

The Jewish American man asks him: ‘What’s your name sir? You must be very proud.’

Middle fingers up

As the tension simmers on the deserted sidewalk in scenes that have become commonplace in the city since the start of the war, the couple respond by sticking their middle fingers up at him.

The man continues: ‘You’re real proud of yourself.’

While looking straight at him, Mistry replies: ‘Very proud.’

As his partner appears to film the man, Mistry then holds up a note that says: ‘Israel is an apartheid state and commits genocide.’

After continuing with the act and doing their best to look unfazed, they then usher the man off, saying: ‘Go back to your country.’

He replies: ‘I’m an American.’ He then notes that he is an American Jew.

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He says: ‘You also want my country not to exist so where should I go?’

Seething with rage, Gupta replies: ‘You don’t want my f***ing country to exist.’ He asks: ‘What country is that?’She abruptly responds: ‘Palestine.’

Kurush Mistry and his partner Shailja Gupta

The number of anti-Semitic incidents has quadrupled in the US since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, according to the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish advocacy group.

Since October 7, there have been several disputes posted online that have involved residents tearing down posters related to the conflict.

Mistry had worked at Freepoint Commodities for nine years, according to his LinkedIn page.

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