Congressman CONFRONTS former aide at Christmas party when he threatened to expose his 27-year-old daughter’s OnlyFans account


The Republican congressman who was caught on camera at a holiday party in Washington, D.C. shouting at a former staffer said he did so because the aide had tried to expose his 27-year old daughter’s OnlyFans account.

Rep. Brandon Williams, who represents upstate New York, jabbed his finger toward former Chief of Staff Michael Gordon in a heated confrontation outside the International Spy Museum, during a festive gathering hosted by a lobbying firm. Williams told Gordon, ‘You f*** with my family, I’ll end every relationship you have.’

OnlyFans leak

The lawmaker told Politico last week Friday that two former staffers, Gordon and Ryan Sweeney, who had served as his legislative director, threatened to out his daughter as having an OnlyFans account – where users can produce sexually explicit material – after Williams fired them.

Gordon was ‘trying to exert some leverage over me,’ Williams said, ‘and I just simply won’t allow that to happen.’

Who filmed the confrontation?

Williams said that it was Sweeney who filmed his confrontation with Gordon. Afterward Sweeney told his ex-boss: ‘Hey, f*** you! Guess what, b****? All I have to do is pay $7 to watch your daughter shove her phone up her p****!’

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Gordon told Politico that ‘the allegations Congressman Williams has levied against me are categorically false’ and declined to comment further.

Sweeney also denied the allegations, telling Politico they are ‘completely false.’ In the video, Gordon told Williams, ‘I didn’t do anything.’

Williams then pressed closer to Gordon and yelled, ‘Do you understand me? You think I don’t know?’

A spokesperson for Williams initially responded to the release of the video, which was by a student journalist at Syracuse, by saying that the fired aides ‘made rude comments about the female members of the Congressman’s family.’

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