Horrifying moment police officer, 36, repeatedly PUNCHED his wife, 33, ‘before shooting her dead’


This is the horrifying moment a police officer punched his wife before he shot her dead in broad daylight in the Brazilian city of São Paulo on Sunday.

Surveillance camera footage showed Erika de Lima, 33, stepping out from the driver’s seat and pulling open the right passenger door on the back to force out her husband, Military Police officer Thiago de Lima, 36.

The scuffle…

The woman could be seen trying to drag the cop out of the car before he stepped out with a gun in his right hand.

Thiago de Lima subsequently fired a shot and missed striking Erika’s face.

The murder

He then hit her in the face with the gun five times before he fired two shots, striking her both times in the chest.

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Video then showed the woman stumbling around before she collapsed against the bumper of the car and died.

He got in the vehicle and drove up the street before he returned and dragged her body towards the sidewalk.

His confession

Later, Thiago placed his wife’s body in the car and drove her to a nearby hospital, where she was confirmed dead.

Thiago de Lima was arrested after he confessed to shooting his wife.

However, he told cops that she tried to take his gun away during the argument, which the surveillance video does not show.

He is facing a femicide charge.

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