OUTRAGE in Italy as jeweller who shot dead two crooks who TIED up his daughter and robbed his store is jailed for 17 years

  • Footage shows businessman father take down villains who also threatened to kill his wife

A jeweller in Italy has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for shooting dead two crooks who robbed his store and tied up his daughter, prompting a fierce debate on the limits of self-defence.

Details of the crime

Mario Roggero shot at three thieves in Grinzane Cavour on April 28, 2021 after they entered his store, bound his daughter’s hands behind her back, threatened to kill his wife and helped themselves to expensive jewellery and watches.

Fearing for his life, Roggero was seen on CCTV chasing them out of the shop and shooting at least five times.

Andrea Spinelli and Giuseppe Mazzarino died a few yards from the shop entrance, one in the street and the other on the corner with a side street.

A third robber was injured and later arrested.

Roggero’s sentencing has sparked outrage in Italy as politicians weigh in and say the jeweller was only defending himself and his family.

‘He worked hard all his life, and he was just trying to defend his family and his business,’ Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said, expressing his ‘full solidarity’.

Prosecutors’ reason for the 17 years sentencing

But prosecutors have argued in court that following the crooks outside before shooting them as they got into a car is tantamount to an ‘execution’.

Roggero was at work when the trio of thieves entered his store and starting looting his wares.

CCTV shows the moment the robbers enter and tie up his daughter before rifling through various cabinets and filling up their pockets.

A man, who appears to be Roggero, is held at gunpoint as he is moved through the store and into a back room.

‘They were counting: five, four, three… I thought I was going to die,’ Roggero later told the Italian press.

He points and gestures to other parts of the shop, interacting with one of the crooks for some time before being bandied out.

The men filled sacks with goods before making their escape outside.

Immediately after the events, Roggero was accused of culpable excess of self-defense.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, Roggero would have shot the men as they fled ‘with the intention of causing their death, thereby voluntarily exceeding the limits of legitimate patrimonial defence’.

Why he chased the crooks

During the trial, Roggero said he chased the men because he feared they had kidnapped his wife.

He added that he had been robbed and beaten in 2015 and suffered trauma from the experience that affected his judgement in 2021.

‘In his mind, there was a reactivation of what had happened six years before,’ a psychiatrist told the trial.

Ultimately, the court gave Roggero 17 years in jail, three more than the term requested by prosecutors.

Roggero said the verdict was a ‘victory for crime’, De Telegraaf reports.

Some supports for the jeweller

Some Italian politicians have expressed their support for the jeweller following the decision.

Deputy PM Matteo Salvini said: ‘After a life of hard work and sacrifices, he was just defending his life and his business.

‘The real criminals are the ones who deserve prison, not people like Mario.’

Lucio Malan, a member of the Fratelli d’Italia, said: ‘If you carried out a survey, 95 per cent of people would be against this sentence.’

Roggero is expected to appeal the conviction, The Telegraph reports.

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