5 Ways Souls Choose Their Parents And Families Before Birth


Has it ever crossed your mind if we choose our parents before being born? You were like nobody seeks your approval before bringing you into the family.

Some people feel cheated and helpless considering the type of family they find themselves. Perhaps, they have wanted it differently…and this often leads your fantasy into looking for your soul family…hoping that a preferred family will knock on your door to claim you one day.

Meanwhile, little did you know that you too were a part of the great planning but can’t remember your time when you were existing as a soul.

This post will answer some of your questions surrounding reincarnation.

1. Soul Contract

One soul can take multiple births and come in different human bodies for their earthly incarnations because the soul is attached as a result of some karmic debts from our past lives.

Through soul contract, decisions about our next life and that includes future life experiences, life lessons, and the people we will share our lives with.

2. Parent And Siblings

Children choosing their parents before birth goes beyond gene combinations. It is about everything that you TOLERATED, LEARNED, and REFUSED at previous birth and will tolerate, learn, and refuse that makes up part of your predetermined plan which you facilitate without knowing.

Based on the lessons they need to learn, souls choose their families.

This is how it happens: As soon as the soul gets to know who will be its parents, it establishes a psychic connection with them, especially with the mother, and remains present around them in the form of energy, waiting to be conceived.

3. Time And Chance

Have you ever read or heard ‘time and chance happens to them all’?

Unfinished businesses in previous birth are the only reason souls come to earth time and again in the name of reincarnation.

In special cases, specific parents become less important than the time of birth. Even so, when a family member has just passed to the great beyond.

4. Soul Family

Because there is family tree, there is soul family. The life we live is recycled in a way that we end up meeting the same people in our every birth.

These people will meet are members of our soul family. You see, you ain’t bluffing when you say about a new acquaintance: ‘it’s like I have known him/her for years’.

Your boss in the previous life might be your friend in a new life and birth. Also, your daughter in the past birth might be your mother in the new age – the recycling is usually like this.

It happens because we were valued and have taken values and thus we choose to meet them every time we come to earth.

Since this is the case, it is also important for you to know that they too have to agree to meet you and be a part of your journey.

5. Personal choice

Despite what is said above, you should as well know that you and me always have a choice to make.

We have the will to decide the relationships we’d like to walk out & into.

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