Love Island’s Sophie praised FOR snitching on Georgia Steel’s secret flirty chat with Tom Clare


Love Island: All Stars fans praised Sophie Piper during Monday night’s episode as she ‘snitched’ on scheming Georgia Steel. 

The Snitch

Sophie was seen cosying up to Joshua Ritchie in bed as she revealed to him that Georgia S had secretly had a flirty chat with Tom Clare on the terrace. 

Whispering in bed, she said: ‘So Georgia was saying she doesn’t even see herself sleeping with Callum. She was like Tom is so exciting. But don’t say anything.’ 

Joshua was shocked

In shock, Joshua replied: ‘Oh f***’.

And Viewers Were in Shock too

ITV2 viewers were left completely shocked that Sophie actually outed Georgia S for continuing to get to know Tom behind partner Callum Jones’ back. 

One wrote: ‘Georgia is finished cause no way is Josh not gonna tell anyone what Sophie’s just told him’.

All Stars fans were left less than impressed with Sophie Piper during Monday night’s episode as she ‘snitched’ on Georgia Steel

Another said: ‘Lmao Sophie is gonna tell Josh and he’s gonna tell the whole villa’.

A third penned: ‘SOPHIE SNITCHIN #LoveIsland’

‘Sophie snitching I love it’, added another. 

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‘Yess Sophie expose that snake Georgia S’, a fifth wrote. 

Another added: ‘Josh is soooo going to blab about what Sophie said about Georgia S’.

A seventh penned: ‘You can tell Sophie is over Georgia’s antics she’s a real on’.

Another joked: ‘Not Tom clearly liking Molly more and Georgia s is like “it’s so exciting with Tom” meanwhile Sophie is out here exposing her antics to Josh’.

As it is now

Georgia’s head is currently in a complete spin, as she continues to make romantic admissions to both Callum and Tom.

Following a game of truth or dare with their other Islanders during Friday’s episode, Georgia S and Tom hold their own private version around the fire pit.

Georgia and Tom’s Flirtation

Tom, who is currently paired with Molly Smith, doesn’t hold back as he asks Georgia: ‘Would you rather be with Callum or me?’

Admitting she would rather be with Tom, she replies: ‘I think my impulse would be you because I think there’s a connection we share.’

Leaning in so only Tom can hear, she whispers: ‘I fancy you the most.’

Georgia and Tom’s flirtation is interrupted by a text, as Georgia Harrison reveals that the Hideaway is open for one couple.

It read: ‘Islanders, the hideaway retreat is open tonight. Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night together. #NightAwayTimeToPlay’.

The Islanders immediately pick Callum and Georgia S as the first couple to spend a night alone together in the hideaway retreat.

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