‘United’ Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have ‘Never Been Stronger’ – Body Language Expert

'United' Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have 'Never Been Stronger' – Body Language Expert

It’s apt that while attending a premiere of One Love, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex displayed clear signs they were “totally in love”, according to a body language expert.

The couple travelled to Jamaica to attend the premiere of the Bob Marley biopic starring Kingsley Ben-Adir, James Norton and Michael Ward.

Looking flawless as always, Meghan stepped out in a spaghetti-strapped top with a square neckline and a black ball skirt from one of her go-to brands, Carolina Herrera, while Harry looked equally as effortless in an open shirt and suit.

Darren Stanton explained that their surprise appearance proved they’ve “never been stronger” judging by their prolonged eye contact and meaningful hand-holding.

The couple showed a “completely united” front, said Darren, adding: “There was a great moment of reciprocal PDA from Meghan, where she placed the flat of her right hand on Harry’s chest.

“The chest is known for being a sensitive area in body language, as that’s where most of your vital organs are. The fact she placed her hand there proves that there’s huge trust and rapport between them. From the photos I’ve seen, they’ve never been stronger. 

Meghan also displayed fixed, prolonged eye contact towards Harry on the night. At one point, the pair were pictured with Meghan gazing up towards her husband. There wasn’t much space between them and they seemed really close. Physical touch, proximity and eye contact are three major gestures that signal when a person may be in love, and Meghan displayed them all.”

That was not their only form of PDA, with Darren stating they showed a particularly strong connection compared to recent events. Darren previously said they have become less tactile as their “relationship has evolved.”

“When looking at their body language, their public displays of affection have changed drastically over the years,” he said in January 2023, adding they’ve “toned it down.” This has been evident when comparing their kisses at the Sentebale Polo Cup in 2018, shortly after their royal wedding, and their more poised appearances in recent years. 

Speaking of their latest outing, he said: “The way they were holding hands was quite significant and it was the first thing I noticed. It wasn’t just simply holding hands, but they had their fingers interlocked into each other, which is a really tight way of showing a connection.

“In recent months, the pair hasn’t displayed as tight or open of a connection in terms of PDA, however, this couldn’t be more different. This proves to me that they’re both in a really strong place and feel totally synchronised with each other,” he said.

While Harry has been open about his discomfort around the press, which Darren has pointed out in the past has been visible through his body language; the Duke appeared to be very “relaxed” alongside his wife. 

The expert revealed that Harry normally wants to protect Meghan in these situations, but “his shoulders were down, his breathing wasn’t as rapid, and his face wasn’t red.” Darren added: “At this particular event, he appeared calm and was happy to be there.”

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