Who is Henry Cavill’s girlfriend? 10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso

Who is Henry Cavill's girlfriend? 10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill is one of the most popular and handsome actors in Hollywood, best known for his roles as Superman, Geralt of Rivia, and Sherlock Holmes. But what about his personal life? Who is he dating now? His relationship with his girlfriend, actress and entertainment executive Natalie Viscuso, started back in 2021, with the bond growing stronger with each day that passes.   

Although Henry and Natalie try to keep intricate details about their relationship away from the media’s scrutiny, they share glimpses of their moments with their social media adherents. According to many of her posts, Henry Cavill’s new girlfriend adores the Justice League actor, who she describes as one of the greatest men she has known in one of her posts in November 2021.

10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill’s girlfriend is familiar with the spotlight in entertainment, as she has carved out her niche in the industry since her teenage years. Here are some surprising details about Natalie Viscuso that expose her private-natured lifestyle.

Natalie Viscuso was born in 1989

Viscuso was born on 26 March 1989 in Roswell, New Mexico, United States. She later moved to La Jolla in California with her father, Michael Viscuso, and her then fiancé, where she ventured fully into the entertainment industry. Henry Cavill’s girlfriend’s age as of 2023 is 34 years.

She studied cinematic arts

Viscusco lived most of her childhood in Rosewell, New Mexico, where she attended primary and high school. Her university education was completed in California, where, in 2011, she obtained her bachelor’s degree from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Reports show that she actively participated in extracurricular activities and earned academic honours.

She lost her mother to cancer

Natalie was deeply attached to her mother, Tammie Kay Baumann, who sadly passed away in August 2017 after a prolonged struggle with cancer. Following her mother’s passing, Natalie has shared numerous cherished memories of her on various occasions on her social media handle. In this way, she shows Tammie’s enduring impact on her life and the love and connection they shared. 

Who is Henry Cavill's girlfriend? 10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso

Appearance in season 1 of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 

In 2005, Natalie Viscuso made her television show debut when she appeared in the first season of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16Natalie was described as a 15-year-old living in a $5 million house and driving her father’s Bentleys and Ferraris around town. The report questioned what more she could desire, suggesting that she might aim to become the most popular girl at school.

She is an avid dog lover

Natalie could be described as a dog mom. She had a French bulldog named Meat and always posted their pictures and selfies together. Unfortunately, Meat died in April 2022 after 14 years and a half. However, on 23 June 2023, Cavill and Viscuso got another puppy named Baggins, whom they described as a little terror, wonder and always enthusiastic to make friends.

Viscuso works as an entertainment executive

Viscuso currently holds the position of Vice President at Vertigo Entertainment, a Los Angeles-headquartered production company known for its involvement in creating Prime Video’s series, Them: Covenant, under the leadership of Roy Lee.

Previously, she served as the Vice President of Television and Digital Studios at Legendary Entertainment, which produced Cavill’s films Man of Steel (2013) and Enola Holmes (2020). Her earlier roles included positions at the Weinstein Company and ITV Studios in scripted television.

Viscuso Namibia controversy

In 2008, Viscuso travelled to Namibia, where she wore indigenous attire and used body paint. These pictures reemerged online, sparking criticism from certain individuals. She expressed regret for any potential offence the images may have triggered, clarifying that, during that period, she intended to honour Namibia’s native culture.

However, she acknowledged the potential harm such depictions could cause and empathized with those they affected, ultimately extending an apology for any unintended insensitivity.

Natalie Viscuso and Henry Viscuso went public in 2021

It is not certain when the lovebirds started their relationship. However, speculations about the dating started when they were spotted sauntering romantically in London. It was only after a few days that Cavill and Viscuso posted a sweet photo of themselves on their Instagram pages, playing chess together with nice captions. 

Who is Henry Cavill's girlfriend? 10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill’s girlfriend stuntwoman

Natalie Viscuso’s boyfriend has dated several women over the years, with a good number of them being in the entertainment industry. One of them is a stuntwoman for different actresses in the industry who could not perform their stunts. 

Henry Cavill’s girlfriend, Lucy Cork, has worked with him on various movie sets and during their time together, Henry usually extols the stuntwoman. They dated from 2017 until 2018.

Tara King, a noteworthy individual in the life of The Witcher actor, was in a relationship with Henry from 2015 to 2016. During this period, Henry, who was 32 then, was romantically involved with Tara, a college student, even though she was 19. Henry Cavill’s girlfriend Tara King’s Instagram pictures of their nice moments together are rife on the internet.

Who is Henry Cavill's girlfriend? 10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso
Who is Henry Cavill's girlfriend? 10 shocking details about Natalie Viscuso

Viscuso is collaborating with Cavill on a film

The duo hinted at working together to bring alive a film that could be titled Warhammer 40,000. They shared the update on their Instagram pages. One sweet thing is that they support each other’s careers and would go out of their way to ensure they succeed.

Henry Cavill’s girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, is not new to the entertainment world. She has sustained an influence in the Hollywood industry. Her relationship with the famous actor, which began in 2021, remains a private affair, but they occasionally share moments on social media. Viscuso admires Cavill a lot and is poised to be seen on the big screen alongside him in a bid to advance her career in the industry.

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