Who is Simone Biles’ fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens

Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens

As one of the greatest gymnasts in the sport’s history, Simone Biles boasts an incredibly high profile, having achieved remarkable feats at a young age. Interestingly, while at the pinnacle of her career, she found love in Jonathan Owens. What is truly fascinating is that Simone Biles’ fiancé is also a professional athlete, making them a remarkable match.

Who is Simone Biles’ fiancé? He is Jonathan Owens, a talented NFL player. Owens currently shines as a strong safety for the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League, with prior experience playing for the Houston Texans. His noteworthy presence alongside Simone Biles has captured significant attention.

Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens

10 shocking facts about Jonathan Owens 

Despite being an athlete, Jonathan Owens did not know about Simone Biles’ Olympic achievements when they first crossed paths. They have forged a relationship bound by shared passions and charisma for success. Here are some intriguing facts about Jonathan Owens.

He is from St. Louis, Missouri

Simone Biles’ husband, Jonathan, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. While Jonathan Owens’ father’s identity is unknown to the public, his mother is Arthurine Cannon. He also has a sister, Chanel Bady. Additionally, Jonathan Owens is 28 years old, having been born on 22 July 1995; he is of the zodiac sign Cancer and of black ethnicity.

He has an impressive physique

What is Jonathan Owens’ height? Jonathan Owens is 5 feet 11 inches tall and has a body mass of 210 pounds (95 kg). His physical stature reflects the strength contributing to his role as a formidable, strong safety in football.

Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens
Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens

He began playing football in high school 

Jonathan Owens’ football journey began in high school. He started playing at Christian Brother College High School. He continued at Missouri Western State University, where he excelled as a defensive back, earning the Male Student-Athlete of the Year Award in 2017. After joining the NFL, he signed with the Arizona Cardinals but faced injuries.

In 2019, he joined the Houston Texans’ practice squad, eventually making it to the main roster in December 2021. Is Jonathan Owens still playing football? Owens is playing football as a defensive back for the Green Bay Packers. He signed with the team on 12 May 2023.

He is close to his family

Jonathan Owens places great importance on family. His Instagram contains photos and videos featuring his mother, sister, and other relatives. In a heartfelt Mother’s Day tribute, he expressed gratitude, saying, “You have been my biggest fan and supporter through it all. I’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me.

He also acknowledged his sister for encouraging his football journey, sharing on her birthday, “Happy birthday sis! Who knows where I’d be if you didn’t force me to start playing football,” he captioned. “It’s crazy how close we are even though we 11 years apart, Imma keep making you proud! Love you sis.”

How did Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens meet?

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens met through the dating app Raya in March 2020. Biles initiated the connection by reaching out to him. She said, “He would say I slid into his DMs.”

Owens initially did not know Biles’s sporting achievements and fame. He mentioned, “I didn’t know who she was. I just hadn’t heard of her, and when I told her that, that was one of the things she liked.” Their relationship blossomed rapidly, with Biles confirming it by sharing their photos on her Instagram.

Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens
Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens

He proposed to Biles on Valentine’s Day 2022

In a romantic gesture, Jonathan proposed to Biles on Valentine’s Day in February 2022. The joyous moment was shared on Instagram with a close-up video of her beautiful engagement ring. Jonathan Owens also announced the proposal on his social media, “Woke up this morning with a fiancée.”

Biles happily revealed her engagement on 15 February 2022, with the words, “THE EASIEST YES,” she wrote. “I can’t wait to spend forever & ever with you, you’re everything I dreamed of and more! let’s get married FIANCÉ”

He and Biles had two weddings in 2023

In 2023, Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles celebrated two weddings. Their first wedding occurred in the United States on 22 April 2023 in a simple courthouse ceremony. Biles wore a halter-style wedding dress with tiered tulle, and Owens wore a tan suit.

They later had a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on 6 May 2023. Biles wore four dresses for the occasion, and Owens was seen in a tan-coloured suit and bowtie. The event was held at the Umi Terrace of the Nobu Los Cabos.

Owens and Biles constantly support each other

Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles share unwavering support for each other. Despite their diverse sports, they have a strong bond in navigating their professional athlete careers. Whether it is Biles receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in July 2022 or Owens competing in NFL games, they are there for each other.

In 2023, Owens stood by Biles as she returned to competition at the US Classics, showing their constant support. Biles also attends his NFL games, underlining their mutual encouragement in their athletic journeys.

He is a proud dog parent, like his wife

Jonathan Owens proudly shares his love for dogs with his wife, Simone Biles. Just like the renowned gymnast, Owens is a devoted dog owner, caring for his bulldog named Zeus and even maintaining an Instagram account on Zeus’s behalf. Similarly, Simone, who has two French bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo, is no stranger to canine fame, as she too manages Instagram accounts for her beloved French bulldogs.

Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens
Who is Simone Biles' fiancé? All Update about Jonathan Owens

Jonathan Owens net worth is $5 million

The estimated net worth of the professional football player stands at $5 million. How much does Jonathan Owens make per year? Jonathan signed a 1-year, $1,010,000 contract with the Green Bay Packers, entailing an average annual salary of $1,010,000.

In 2023, Owens will earn a base salary of $1,010,000, carrying a cap hit of the same amount. Additionally, Jonathan Owens’ wife, Simone Biles, has substantial earnings. What is Simone Biles’ net worth? In 2023, her reported net worth is $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles’ fiancé turned husband, shares an extraordinary bond with the Olympian. Their partnership has been orchestrated beautifully, and they steadfastly support each other’s athletic careers. This dynamic duo stands as one of the sports world’s most affectionate couples, united by their passion for both sports and building a family together.

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