Bras are out of fashion – but WHAT happens to your breasts when you stop wearing one?


LIFESTYLE – The decline of bras in recent years, influenced by movements such as ‘Free the Nipple’ in 2012 and the shift to remote working during the pandemic, is evident.

The ‘No-bra’ Campaign

Despite bras being designed to support and enhance the breasts, discomfort – especially with underwires or a poor fit – is a common issue.

It’s no surprise, then, that a number of celebrities, including Jennifer AnistonRihannaFlorence Pugh and Gillian Anderson, are embracing the no-bra movement and prioritising comfort over social norms.

In fact, the Crown actress, 54, famously declared: ‘I don’t care if my breasts reach my belly button. I’m not wearing a bra – it’s just too f***ing uncomfortable.’

Effects of Going Braless

However, advanced aesthetics and general practitioner Dr Chandi Rajanai, based in London, told FEMAIL it’s essential to weigh the short-term relief against potential long-term effects on breast health.  

Dr Rajanai, who specialises in women’s health and wellness, explained that the effects of going braless can vary greatly, but may help those who find traditional bras uncomfortable. 

‘The effects of not wearing a bra vary from person to person, depending on factors like breast size, tissue elasticity, and individual comfort.

‘Going braless may lead to increased comfort for some individuals, as bras can sometimes cause discomfort, irritation, or pressure on the shoulders and ribcage.

‘Moreover, not wearing a bra may promote better circulation and ventilation, reducing the risk of skin-related issues.’

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Nevertheless, Dr Rajanai highlights that the potential impact of going braless on breast shape and sagging is a frequent concern.

‘While there is limited scientific evidence linking bra use to breast sagging, some argue that the natural support provided by bras can help maintain breast firmness over time.

‘Going without a bra may result in increased breast movement, potentially causing stretching of the supporting ligaments and tissues.

‘Yet, others argue that the muscles beneath the breasts can strengthen with reduced reliance on bras.’

It Remains a Personal Decision

The GP concluded by saying there is no definitive right or wrong, and the decision is ultimately a personal one. 

‘Ultimately, the decision to wear a bra or not depends on personal comfort, lifestyle, and individual preferences.

‘It’s essential to find a balance that promotes both physical and emotional well-being.’  

Back in 2012, the topic became political when it was revealed that Facebook and Instagram were censoring female nipples, but not male ones. 

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