Homeless man who illegally dug up Seattle park with excavator says he’s constructing GOLD MINE underneath it


A man is facing criminal charges after he dug up part of a wooded Seattle park hillside using a stolen excavator, and then built a cabin in which he has been living for several months. 

As it is

Steven Irwin, 41, has caused $15,000 worth of damage among the foliage which the city’s Parks Department has repaired, but the man has now erected a cabin in which to live and is planning on building a mine to search for gold underground.

What he Said

Irwin claims he ‘had permission’ for the construction of a cabin in Dr. Jose Rizal Park in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

The unit comes compete with several generators, fireplaces, propane heaters, a washing machine, and even a treadmill.

Fears of Neighbors

Park stewards and neighbors are concerned about the safety and environmental impact of Irwin’s activities. 

Andrea Suarez of We Heart Seattle, a homeless outreach group offering assistance to Irwin, has expressed worries about the potential hazards present in the camp, citing the presence of kerosene, propane, and gasoline.

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‘He is digging into the slopes, building structures, tearing down trees, undoing thousands of dollars in repairs,’ said Suarez to KOMO. 

‘There’s also a risk for him being in that environment. There are smells of kerosene, propane, and gasoline – there are three different forms of fuel down here, wires everywhere. It’s a ticking timebomb.’ 

He is Refusing Other Option

Suarez even offered to cover the first six months of housing for Irwin, but he has insisted on keeping his cabin in the woods. 

When the group searched his makeshift encampment, they found chainsaws, five pounds of weed, methamphetamines and a dozen stolen credit cards.

It appears Irwin has not faced any consequences at all despite cutting down trees on the park slope.

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