I found out I wasn’t the father of my baby through the DOG CAM


Firefighter Rob Parsons thought he had the perfect life – living in a charming home with his beautiful new wife and the baby daughter they both adored.

How Things Happened

But his world came crashing down one day when he was at work and logged on to their dog cam to check on things at home only to find his wife Facetiming another man – and getting their baby to call him ‘Daddy’.

Rob, 34, and his police sergeant wife enjoyed had a whirlwind romance after meeting just before lockdown. They got engaged in Christmas 2021 before welcoming their child the following year.

Yet Rob claims his wife, unidentified, had been in a secret affair with a colleague for three years and, while she signed Rob as father of her daughter on the birth certificate, she knew all along the baby was not his.

DNA Confirms The Suspicion

A DNA test later confirmed Rob was in fact not the father and he has since been cut off from the little girl he spent months raising and loving, unaware that she wasn’t his daughter.

How He Learned His Tragedy

Revealing his personal tragedy, Rob said he had been at work on that fateful day in June 2023 when the baby was eight months old and wanted to check in with his wife who had been at a doctor‘s appointment.

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Hours had passed and he heard nothing, which was unusual, so decided to check the camera he used to monitor their two dogs – a beagle called Holly and their rottweiler Hector – to see if she had made it home okay.

Rob said: ‘As soon as I turned on the camera, I saw my wife sitting on the floor with our daughter on her lap on Facetime. She was saying “say thank you to Daddy for buying you the presents yesterday” then was saying “are you showing Daddy your present”.

‘I re-watched that video probably 100 times while I was at work checking what she said. As soon as she hung up, she texted me saying ‘all good, baby’s just being a pain’.’

In the heat of the moment Rob responded to her immediately telling his wife what he had witnessed – adding: ‘it must be hard for the baby, with you calling me daddy when I’m home – then when I am at work you are meeting with her real dad’.

What She Said in Defense

Rob’s wife bluntly denied that their baby had another father. She told him ‘the baby calls everyone Daddy’ before explaining that she had been struggling as a new mother, and her colleague had suggested they play ‘happy families’ while Rob was at work to ease the burden.

Rob Still Can’t Believe it

Rob said: ‘We had a normal, healthy relationship. She never told me she had any issues. Never told me she was struggling. We obviously had the sleepless nights and endless tears as you do when you have a newborn but as far as I was concerned that was being married, loving each other and having a newborn baby to deal with.’

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