LAPD officers had an unexpected FACE-off with an unleashed dog that attacked one of their horses


LAPD officers had an unexpected face-off with an unleashed dog that attacked one of their horses — which ended with one of the officers beating the pooch and it sparked a fierce debate.

How it Happened

In video that’s gone viral, 2 cops are seen patrolling Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles while on horseback — when, all of a sudden, an unleashed dog runs into frame out of nowhere and begins to nip at the legs of the police horse, which still has one of the officers on it.

At The Scene

In response to the attack, the other cop on the scene jumps down from his own horse and begins swinging his baton at the canine — and he seems to make contact a few times.

The dog tries to dodge the hits, and it continues to go after the horse — which begins to buck and get uneasy. Of course, the officer who’s sitting up there is trying his best to steady the animal and get it under control.

What Happened Later?

Eventually, the presumed owner of the dog runs onto the scene and collects his pooch — but he too has trouble with it and the officer on the ground gets one last good swing on the dog before it and its owner run off. At that point, everything settles down.

The dog and the two horses ended up being alright, and that the horses were checked on by a vet afterward.

Sources tell us the dog actually jumped out of a car window there on the street, which is why it didn’t have a leash on.

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