Madonna, 65, takes a tumble on stage FALLING off a chair


Madonna put her legendary showmanship on full display over the weekend following a mishap at her concert. 

The singer, 65, who just released a music video teaser with The Weeknd and Playboi Carti, took a tumble onstage during a show on her Celebration Tour at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena.

How it Happened

Video shared by fans at the Madonna Culture TikTok Instagram page shared video of what happened. 

The Grammy winner was sitting in a chair as part of the choreography for Open Your Heart.

What Caused The Fall?

The dance moves call for a dancer to pull the chair back toward the main stage, but apparently the high heels they were wearing caused them to slip and the dancer and Madonna landed on the ground with their legs in the air. 

After being off-kilter for a moment, Madonna turned over on her stomach and gave a little laugh, which endeared her to the crowd. 

Another member of the crew came forward and helped her up to another chair.

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She Moved on Well

The hitmaker tried to continue the performance, and issued a mild expletive when she realized was sitting on the chair the wrong way and turned around.

Another dancer dragging a chair with her came up to the singer and gave Madonna a hug and a little grind before moving along. 

The artist tried to move on, but the commotion was still having an effect on her, and she told the crowd ‘S**t, I forgot the words.’

She recalled the lyrics and the choreography pretty quickly after that and finished the song.

After video of the incident became public, fans could only express their admiration.

‘She is a freaking pro.. All her efforts to entertain us.. You gotta love her.. She’s Incredible,’ wrote one commenter. 

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