Meghan Markle ‘Must Have Been Incredibly Envious’ Of Kate Middleton Because Duchess ‘Thought She Was Going To Be A Princess And Live In Windsor Castle’, Says Royal Expert

Meghan Markle 'Must Have Been Incredibly Envious' Of Kate Middleton Because Duchess 'Thought She Was Going To Be A Princess And Live In Windsor Castle', Says Royal Expert

Meghan Markle is reported to be ‘incredibly envious’ of Kate Middleton’s close bond with Prince Harry, a royal expert claimed

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex started dating in 2016, but Harry and Kate had been close for many years before Meghan came into the picture.

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine and a leading royal author, suggests that one reason why Kate and Meghan might not be on good terms could be due to Kate and Harry’s past close relationship.

As well as this, she mentioned that Harry had always wanted a sister and found that in Kate.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Seward claimed that Kate and Harry’s close relationship might have made things tricky for Meghan. She said Harry might have been “a little in love” with Kate because he “always longed for a sister”. Seward also mentioned how tight William, Harry, and Kate were before Meghan came along.

Seward added: “I think that Meghan must have been incredibly envious and then jealous of Kate. I heard Meghan actually thought she was going to be a princess and live in Windsor Castle.

“Instead, there’s William and Kate with this beautiful house, while they are stuck in Nottingham Cottage which Harry used to call ‘my hovel’.”

Seward has ruled out any chance of the two royal couples making up, as Meghan is said to be upset with William and Kate’s higher rank.

A source previously shared with The Telegraph that Meghan believed she should have more say, explaining: “She seemed to feel like she had more of a right to speak than her sister-in-law, who had married into the family as an unknown whereas Meghan regarded herself as a philanthropist who could teach the royals a thing or two about charity.

“I think she found it difficult that the Royal Foundation was already a well-oiled machine by the time she got there.”

The pair never truly hit it off

Royal fans once had high hopes for a tight bond to form between Kate and Meghan when she first joined the Royal Family. Many had pinned their hopes on their common bond of marrying into the most famous family in the world would form the basis of a close relationship.

However, their seemingly vastly different personalities and approaches to life meant Kate and Meghan never really hit it off.

In his memoir Spare, Prince Harry recounts several times that his wife seemed at loggerheads with his sister-in-law in the early days of their romance. He says the two women had a row over bridesmaid dresses in the lead-up to his wedding that left Meghan in tears and that Kate “grimaced” when the duchess borrowed her lip-gloss.

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