Putin ‘loses ANOTHER top commander after Ukrainian storm shadow strike on Crimean airbase’


RUSSIAN MILITARY – Vladimir Putin lost yet another General in his war against Ukraine earlier this week.

Lt-Gen Alexander Tatarenko, 63, was the most senior of ten military personnel killed in a suspected Storm Shadow missile strike on Belbek airbase in occupied Crimea.

He was commander of the base which was used for strikes on Ukraine and to consolidate Russia‘s grip on the Black Sea peninsula.

The Shadow Strike on Crimean Airbase

The missile attack is believed to have destroyed a Russian radar and communications facility as well as military equipment at the base near Sevastopol.

Unconfirmed reports say there was also some ‘collateral damage’ to Russian warplanes.

Not Officially Confirmed Yet

Russia has not officially announced Tatarenko’s death in the attack two days ago – but several pro-war Russian military Telegram channels confirmed the initial reports.

Spy Dossier channel reported that ‘seven British-French-made Storm Shadow/SCALP ALCMs were launched towards the airfield.

‘Four were shot down by air defence forces, three hit the target.’

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The Time of Attack

In particular, between 5:31pm and 5:42pm on Wednesday ‘two missiles hit the command post of the 38th Fighter Aviation Regiment [military unit 80159, Belbek].

‘Another hit the airfield communications point.’

‘Ten military personnel were killed as a result of the strike,’ the report said.

‘Among the dead is the commander of the aviation squadron of the fighter regiment, Alexander Tatarenko.’

The News in Ukraine

Crimean Wind – a Ukrainian channel – reported: ‘Ten Russian military personnel were liquidated, including the commander of the aviation squadron, Lieutenant General Alexander Tatarenko.’

The missiles came by a new route, over the sea, rather than overland, said reports.

Tatarenko is believed to be the 13th Russian general killed in the 23-month war.

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