Woman was trampled by cows so badly that they left hoofprints on HER chest


A woman has recounted the horrific moment she was trampled by a group of cows in a shocking attack that left her with life-changing injuries.

Dog walker Janicke Tvedt was left with seven broken ribs and devastating internal injuries after the rampaging beasts crushed her during a country stroll. 

How it Happened

The 57-year-old was on a popular walk in Masham, Yorkshire, with her friend David Hood and Labrador, goose, and were using a public footpath to cut through a field full of cows and calves, when they were attacked. 

A terrified Ms Tvedt – who was due to undergo cancer treatment and was fitted with a colostomy bag at the time – was knocked to the ground and trampled as she tried to run away. 

How She Was Helped

She was helped up by Mr Hood but the horrified pair were then forced to scramble up a tree to escape after being surrounded by 15 of the animals. 

Ms Tvedt was airlifted to hospital suffering seven broken ribs, hoof marks on her chest and legs, a broken thumb, and life-changing internal injuries that required emergency surgery after the nightmarish incident on July 25, 2021. 

Victim Impact Statement

Recounting the ordeal as a farmer was sentenced by a court over the attack, she said: ‘I had the imprints of hoof marks, bruises, cuts, and grazes all over my body. I was convinced that if I fell asleep, I would never wake up. I still have anxiety when on walks in the countryside and am always on alert for the presence of cattle.’

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Describing he moment she was crushed, Ms Tvedt continued: ‘One of the cows rolled on top of me and then everything went quiet. 

‘I was lying there, and my partner came back and helped me. He helped me over to a nearby tree as the cows had blocked the exit and I put my head between my knees as I felt like I was going to pass out.’

The Nightmare Lasts More Than Two Years

Ms Tvedt’s injuries delayed her cancer treatment and she remains severely restricted in her mobility almost three years. 

She spoke out about her nightmare to help raise awareness after a farmer pleaded guilty to a health and safety breach at York Magistrates’ Court last week over the attack.

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