55 days of HELL! ‘He pointed gun at me, chained my left ankle AND had sex with me: Israeli hostage says


An Israeli hostage, Amit Soussana, has recalled the sexual sufferings she faced when abducted by Hamas for 55 days.

Amit Soussana Rape Hell

Feeling sexually violated is the worst feeling for any woman, emotional AS, 40, was seen bitter as she revealed how a Hamas guard forced her on himself.

She explained that the guard identified as Muhammad, pointed his gun at her, in the act in a child’s bedroom.

How it Started

She claims that just several days after she had been taken, Muhammad started questioning her about her sex life and menstrual cycle.

Not only was she violated sexually, she was also beaten and tortured while she was held in Gaza for 55 days, she told New York Times.

The Israeli lawyer was released during a ceasefire in November after she was abducted from her home during the October 7 raid, beaten and dragged into Gaza by a group of at least seven gunmen.

Hamas Feeling Regrets

Nevertheless, there is a ‘feeling of regret’ in Hamas’ camp as Hamas spokesman Basem Naim, in a statement to the newspaper, said it was ‘difficult to believe’ Ms Soussana’s account of sexual abuse and added that ‘for us, the human body, and especially that of the woman, is sacred’.

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The terrorist group, for months, has denied that its members sexually abused people in captivity or during the October 7 attack. 

However, a United Nations (UN) report released this month stated there is ‘clear and convincing information’ that some hostages had suffered sexual violence. There are also ‘reasonable grounds’ that some people were assaulted during the raid, the report added.

In conclusion, Amit Soussana mentioned how she was held alone in a child’s bedroom and chained by her left ankle.

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