A English Man Supporting Putin’s Regime Labels The United Kingdom As A “Fascist State.”

A English Man Supporting Putin's Regime Labels The United Kingdom As A

One of the two English individuals fighting for Russia has denounced his fellow countrymen who support Ukraine, pledging to “continue putting them in wooden boxes.”

Another British mercenary also criticized his home country, asserting to a Russian journalist that Britain is not a democratic nation but rather a “fascist state.”

Our reporting this week uncovered that Aiden Minnis, aged 37, from Chippenham, Wiltshire, is involved in combat for Russia in the Donbas region.

Similarly, Ben Stimson, aged 48, from Oldham, Lancashire, journeyed to Donetsk to join forces with Putin. Both men made their statements on Friday night via the Kremlin-linked Telegram channel Readovka.

Minnis said: “To the media and the UK Government and the voters who support Ukraine, keep sending khokhols [a derogatory term for Ukrainians], fascists and British mercenaries. We will continue putting them in wooden boxes.”

In a prior interview released on the identical channel, Stimson elaborated on his decision to join the Russian forces.

He said: “It wasn’t democratic that the West wasn’t allowing Donbas to secede from Ukraine. Plus I had personal problems… my business and my relationship were failing.” He also complained that Russia had not kept its promise to offer him an army job and citizenship, or at least asylum.

Stimson claimed that he was subjected to physical assault during his incarceration in a British prison and was handed an extra two-year sentence for refusing to take a polygraph test.

He said of his home nation: “It’s in a terrible state, Britain. They’re using things that the Stasi and the Gestapo used.”

But yesterday, pro-Kremlin blogger Graham Phillips cast doubt on Stimson’s reasons for joining up. He said: “I highly recommend checking Ben Stimson thoroughly.”

A representative for the Government said: “Reports of British nationals taking part in Putin’s illegal invasion are shocking and their alleged actions are reprehensible. Those who travel from the UK to conflict zones to engage in unlawful activity should expect to be investigated upon their return.”

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