Aiden Minnis, British Traitor ‘Prepared To Die’ For Putin Fighting In Ukraine

Aiden Minnis, British Traitor 'Prepared To Die' For Putin Fighting In Ukraine

A British turncoat, currently fighting for Russia in Ukraine, has expressed his readiness to sacrifice his life for Vladimir Putin, while boasting about his experiences on the frontline.

Aiden Minnis, aged 37, declared himself as “doing the Lord’s work” after enlisting in the Russian army in January. He recounted his proudest moment as “taking an oath to Russia and standing alongside my unit as the national anthem played,” as reported by the Mirror.

This declaration follows criticism from former British Army commander Colonel Richard Kemp, who labeled Minnis and his comrade Ben Stimson, aged 48, as “traitors” for aligning with Putin’s forces.

Minnis stated his intention to avoid returning to the UK, fearing arrest upon arrival due to his service in the Russian army and involvement in the Donbas conflict.

“I’m in the process of obtaining a Russian passport as we speak. I will be a Russian citizen,” he said.

Despite not being able to speak Russian, Minnis said his fellow soldiers were his “brothers”, adding that he “gets on really well with them”.

“I trust them and I will die for them,” he said. “They have proven themselves and helped me a lot.”

Addressing the language barrier, he added: “We understand each other. A bit of pidgin English and pidgin Russian and sign language. It gets done.”

Minnis (centre) joined the Russian army at the start of the year

It’s reported that the betrayer has been rejected by his family from Wiltshire. According to a friend, his mother was unaware of her son’s involvement in frontline combat.

“She has nothing to do with him, she has disowned him and they do not speak,” they previously told MailOnline. “I don’t think she will ever want to talk about him. She wants nothing to do with him and they have not spoken or had contact for years.”

The friend added: “I don’t believe she was even aware he was away fighting. This is all news to her.”

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