Charles Spencer Discloses Princess Diana’s Greatest Fear – ‘She Was Terrified’

Charles Spencer Discloses Princess Diana's Greatest Fear - 'She Was Terrified'

In a candid interview on Monday, Charles Spencer unveiled one of Princess Diana’s significant fears.

The 59-year-old ninth Earl Spencer spoke with the Times in anticipation of the release of his new book, “A Very Private School,” in which he recounts the abuse he claims to have endured at Maidwell Hall Prep School.

In the poignant conversation, Charles also shared insights into how his late sister supported him after their mother departed from the family home. He revealed that one of her profound fears was associated with darkness.

Charles said: “Diana looked after me because she was nearly three years older than me. She said that the worst part was hearing me cry down the hall because she was terrified of the dark and couldn’t come to me.”

A young Charles Spencer with sister Diana in 1968

The Earl had a very close bond with his sister and also explained how he felt it was his duty to keep Diana grounded following her relationship with Prince Charles.

He said: “I remember going to a dinner soon after she’d become what she became, given by sort of friends in a private room in a restaurant in Fulham. I remember thinking, ‘Crikey, they’re all sucking up to her like crazy.’ I realised that my job was to be absolutely solid as a brother and just remain the same.

“That was sometimes difficult, because I’d say things that people weren’t saying to her in a loving way, a constructive way, and I think it was tricky for her to hear anything except how marvelous life was — but I thought that was my duty. I was her little brother. We grew up together.”

Charles and his wife, Lady Karen Spencer, reside at Althorp House, the resting place of Princess Diana.

The couple frequently updates their followers with delightful posts from the estate, which boasts an expanding array of animals, including two pet sheep named Lucky and Minty, along with a regular visitor, the peacock Tim.

The insightful interview took place just a day after the announcement that Charles had become a grandfather for the first time. Lady Kitty Spencer, his 33-year-old daughter, welcomed her first child with her husband, South African-British businessman Michael Lewis.

Kitty shared the joyous news on Mother’s Day with a surprise photo featuring herself cradling her newborn.

“It’s the joy of my life to be your mummy, little one. I love you unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate today.” 

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