Danielle Bregoli was seen arguing with HER boyfriend, Le Vaugh, shortly before her friends started to fight


Danielle Bregoli was arguing with her boyfriend before a brawl erupted in an Los Angeles restaurant this weekend — and it looks like she was pretty pissed at least based on this new video.

The footage that shows Danielle — aka, Bhad Bhabie was.screaming at her partner/soon-to-be baby daddy, Le Vaughn, Saturday night in WeHo … not long before her friends started scrapping with a neighboring table which was also caught on camera.

In this new angle, you can see BB losing her cool with her man — although, it’s hard to say exactly what they were bickering about. Whatever it was … it clearly had Danielle fuming.

Remember, Danielle’s rep told us she and her group simply reacted to being provoked by ‘drunk women’ who were allegedly harassing them — but this seems to suggest something else was going on besides these outside parties recording them all. Again, unclear what.

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It all came to head with blows from each side — namely, some of Danielle’s friends duking it out with other ladies in the restaurant … that is, until they were broken up.

Danielle didn’t appear to be directly involved in the violence herself here — and while eyewitnesses claimed she and Le Vaughn had gotten physical amongst themselves, there’s no direct evidence to back that up, aside from this clip of them in a heated exchange.

Considering they’re about to welcome a baby into the world together, here’s hoping they can work out their issues — whatever those might be — and come to a peaceful resolution.

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