Ekin-Su Culculoglu’s family begs CBB viewers to stop sending her ‘hateful comments’ as they want her removed


Love Island star Ekin-Su Culculoglu‘s team have issued a plea to Celebrity Big Brother viewers to stop sending traumatizing messages about her as she’s going through a lot already.

Ekin-Su, 29, was called out by fans for her ‘crying teddy bear attitude’ on Thursday night’s episode when Marisha Wallace nominated her in face-to-face noms. 

She Took The Nomination Bad

She stormed off to bed as theatre star Marisha followed her to apologise – as she fumed about her reason for nominating her. 

Now Ekin-Su’s family and friends are pleading fans to lay off criticisng her, saying it was difficult for them to read ‘hateful comments’ and ‘physical abuse threats’.

They wrote: ‘Last night was a really sad episode to watch. Ekin-Su has always cared and worn her heart on her sleeve and last night we saw that.

‘What made last night a thousand times harder though is seeing and listening to hateful comments, trolling, name calling and physical abuse threats. Nobody deserves this behaviour and to read some of what we did last night.

‘@bbuk is a reality entertainment show that is edited to entertain us as viewers. We see an hour of 24 hours each day and the show is a social experiment that has been known to heighten emotions.

‘We would like to thank those of you that have supported Ekin-Su. The love and kind words haven’t gone unnoticed! 

‘Please remeber, in a world where you can be anything, be kind. Love always, Team Ekin-Su x’. 

How it All Started

After Marisha nominated her, Ekin-Su stormed off to bed as theatre star Marisha followed her to apologise – as she raged about her reason for nominating her.

In her nomination Marisha said: ‘I know if I get to the final I can’t beat you. I know that if you get to the final with me, you will win the public vote.

Why Marisha Nominated Ekin-Su

With Ekin-Su visibly losing it, she added: ‘I know that if we go head-to-head you have a huge following, you played these games before, you know how to win, and if I want to win this, if I ever have a chance, I wouldn’t have a chance against you. I know that for sure.’ 

Ekin-Su Replied

After Ekin-Su raged: ‘I knew this was gonna happen, this judging me because I’ve been on a show before.

‘You’ve been close to me this whole time, so you’ve been fake with me this whole time.’ 

She then shouted that Marisha could ‘have the crown’ in reference to her earlier comment about winning the show. 

Viewers Didn’t Like That

She then started crying but viewers were quick to brand them crocodile tears.

One said: ‘Ekin-Su fake crying into the teddy for sympathy THIS WOMAN #CBBUK.’

A second said: ‘Ekin-Su crying about her friend Marisha nominating her when 10 minutes before that Ekin-Su nominated her FRIEND Louis… #CBB #CBBUK.

A third said: ‘Not Ekin-Su cuddling her teddy and crying like she’s some 9 year old who had her Nintendo DS confiscated #CBBUK.’

A fourth said: ‘Why is Ekin-su now crying like that #CBBUK.’

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