Gary Goldsmith Shares When His Niece Kate Middleton Will Resume Royal Duties

Gary Goldsmith Shares When His Niece Kate Middleton Will Resume Royal Duties

Gary Goldsmith, Princess Kate’s uncle, has expressed his hopeful anticipation for his niece’s return to public engagements by Easter, following her recuperation from abdominal surgery.

Kate has taken a much-needed hiatus from public appearances over the past two months, but Gary suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge is progressing well in her recovery and is anticipated to resume her duties by Easter.

Appearing on Thursday’s GB News with Nigel Farage, shortly after his participation in Celebrity Big Brother, Gary discussed Princess Kate’s health and the assistance she has been receiving.

“I think she has the best support on the planet, she has the best people looking after her. ‘They [The Palace] have said we would see her at Easter and nothing has changed since that! They have been very transparent,'” he shared, reflecting confidence in the information provided by the Palace regarding Kate’s return.

Princess Kate will return to duties in April

A notable disclosure from Gary emphasized Princess Kate’s direct engagement in managing her public image, especially regarding a Mother’s Day photograph featuring her and her three children.

 “I did say when it came out the photo ‘there’s not a chance in hell she photoshopped them herself’ and then it came out that she did!” 

After the conversation veered unexpectedly into the controversy surrounding a family photograph released by Kensington Palace, sparking numerous conspiracy theories and prompting several top picture agencies to retract the photo, Princess Kate assumed responsibility for the confusion. She issued an apology, acknowledging her direct involvement in editing the image.

Reflecting on his recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother, Gary sought to reshape public perceptions and provide insight into celebrity life. Despite receiving a mixed reception from viewers and facing reported tensions within his family over his disclosures on the show, Gary viewed the experience as deeply enriching.

“I’ve had the best time, I went in with one agenda and I’ve achieved it in five days. I don’t consider myself to be a celebrity, I just happen to be related to someone who is a big celebrity,” he expressed, emphasizing his ordinary background despite his royal connections

His respect for fellow contestant Levi Roots was evident, as Gary voiced his support for Levi as a potential winner of the show, “I have so much respect for him, and if he was to win he will use it for good,” he said. 

He also said Princess Kate would share his sentiment.”100%, she puts other people first,” Gary affirmed, highlighting her altruistic nature.

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