Germany Plans For Russian Chemical Attack On Its Cities And Invasion

Germany Plans For Russian Chemical Attack On Its Cities And Invasion

Vladimir Putin could use chemical weapons on German cities and launch an invasion that would result in a full-scale “land, sea and air” war between NATO and Russia, Germany has warned as it steps up contingency plans for a global conflict.

German MPs have been given a 14-page briefing outlining how Moscow could wage war against Berlin and its allies in four phases, culminating in a ground invasion of the NATO member state.

The report does not name the expected aggressor, but bases its assessment on lessons learned from Russia’s war in Ukraine, where classical war techniques have been combined with less conventional methods such as cyber-attacks and sabotage.

“An aggressor attack – hybrid and/or using the full arsenal of modern forces in all dimensions (land, air/space, sea, cyber and information) on NATO territory – is therefore a likely scenario,” the report said .

It comes after Germany’s defense minister warned that Russia could attack NATO within five to eight years and that the alliance’s forces would take part in joint military exercises in eastern Europe – the biggest since the Cold War.

The report suggests that Russia could launch a military attack on NATO members in the east, as well as target specific targets deeper within the Western military alliance.

The four phases outlined in the report on civil protection risk analysis span several years, with the Bundestag predicting how information wars could spiral into all-out armed conflict in the heart of Europe.

Phase one, it suggests, would last several years and include espionage and sabotage, attacks on defense facilities and disinformation campaigns on social media in an effort to undermine German democracy and destabilize society.

In the second phase, Moscow would deploy its forces to NATO’s eastern borders, deploying NATO forces for deterrence in response to the increased threat.

After several months, Russia would launch a conventional military attack on NATO members in the east in the third phase, attacking specific targets deeper within the Western military alliance, such as Germany.

These attacks would involve conventional and unconventional methods and could disrupt satellites in space. Pravda reports.

In the fourth and final phase, attacking forces would break through NATO defense lines and invade Germany. Armed confrontation in space is also possible.

A full-scale war would grip Europe and would only be ended by a ceasefire ‘not until a few months later’, the reports predict.

It also suggests there could be a repeat of the Salisbury poisonings and the attempted assassination of opposition leader Alexei Navalny four years before he died in a Russian prison.

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