Gisele Bundchen REVEALS how she conquered her ‘severe depression’ and panic attacks


Gisele Bundchen, 43, has talked about her life-changing moment as she revealed how dieting helped her beat her panic attacks as a a young model.

The model appeared on The View this week, where she opened up that her early years in the fashion industry were scarred by her anxiety.

Her Story

She had started modeling at 14 and quickly found herself on a ‘hamster wheel’ of a career, working constantly and neglecting to look after her health.

As a result she wound up suffering from ‘severe depression‘ and panic attacks in her early 20s until she met a naturopath who helped her turn her life around.

Gisele said to the naturopath about how she would drink and smoke and have coffee, until he said to her: ‘Stop right there.’

‘You’re not sleeping. You’re like in different time zones all the time. You’re eating, like, terrible all day,’ he continued.

Giselle also indulged in a significant amount of ‘comfort food’ like chocolate and biscuits, on account of the fact she was ‘tired’ and ‘traveling.’

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What Saved Her From Depression And Panic Attack

Over the course of her interview, she narrated how the naturopath redirected her onto the path of a healthy diet, daily exercise and a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night – and the panic attacks stopped.

She Marveled at Her Change

‘After having a year and a half of like, I would say, one of the worst times of my life, everything changed. Like, I became a different person,’ Gisele marveled. ‘I start practicing meditation. I start practicing yoga. I start practicing breathwork.’

At first, Gisele was like ‘Diet? What does that have to do with my panic attacks?’ when she was told and he’s like: ‘No, it has everything to do with it.’

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