It shocks conscience: Alabama police slam gang THAT tortured and murdered 20-year-old mother Mahogany Jackson


Police authority in Alabama have slammed eight suspects accused of beating, raping and shooting to death a 20-year-old mother in a ‘crime of murder that shocks the conscience’.

How She Was ‘Violated’ at Gunpoint

Mahogany Jackson was stripped, handcuffed, spit on and forced to perform sex acts at gunpoint in a Birmingham apartment before being shot in the back of the head on Sunday February 25.

Prosecutors say she was tortured by four male and four female ‘acquaintances’ who filmed sections of the attack and shared them on social media

The Suffering of Her Mother

Mahogany’s mother has pleaded with people to stop sending her the videos, saying: ‘We are suffering enough that’s my child’. 

Her pleas were backed up by Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr who said: ‘To see it reenacted on a video – it almost places you there, and then to see people share it over and over, and I know some people may be sharing it for entertainment value or whatever, which is sad in and of itself.’

Statement From Officials

Officers have slammed the attackers. BPD Officer Truman Fitzgerald said: ‘This is a case that shocks the conscience. This is not your normal case—and I’m going to go out on a limb—in any state.’ 

And speaking at a press conference last week, Police Chief Scott Thurmond said: ‘The facts of this case were deplorable and sickening. Worst of all they were made public by the suspects decision to video tape portions of this horrific act. 

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‘We have determined that Mahogany was a victim of sexual assault, with murder and kidnapping. It’s hurtful to know that individuals could participate in such vile acts.’

‘One of The Most Heinous Acts Ever’

‘This is undoubtedly one of the most heinous acts I have seen in my career, it is absolutely disgusting.’  

He also revealed that Mahogany knew all of the suspects, but a motive for the murder has not yet been shared. 

Five of the suspects appeared in court earlier and were denied bond.

Court Ruling

Giovonnie Clapp, Blair Green, Teja Lewis, Sinya McCall and Airana Robinson have been charged with felony murder, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree sodomy.

Jeremiah McDowell, 18, Francis Harris, 25, and Brandon Pope, 24, have been charged with first-degree kidnapping and capital murder.

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