Italian MP Spark controversy saying French President is ‘Feminine’

Italian MP Spark controversy saying French President is ‘Feminine’

An Italian member of parliament has stirred up controversy by characterizing French President Emmanuel Macron as ‘feminine.’

The remark surfaced just a day after Macron attempted to display a more assertive image by posing for photos while boxing with a punching bag.

Roberto Menia, a senator from Italy, made these comments during a discussion regarding Macron’s suggestion that NATO could deploy troops to Ukraine.

Menia asserted, ‘Peace cannot be achieved through military interventions or displays of strength, especially from someone who often exhibits feminine traits, and you know who I’m referring to.’

His statement garnered disapproving reactions from fellow senators, prompting Lucio Malan, the leader of Italy’s Brothers of Italy party in the senate, to distance himself from Menia’s remarks, stating that he believed Menia’s choice of words was regrettable.

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who leads the Liberal Italia Viva party, also criticized Menia’s statement, highlighting that diplomatic discourse between Italy and France should be conducted with civility and respect, rather than resorting to derogatory language.

Menia’s comments came after a speech by Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in which she expressed opposition to Macron’s proposal for NATO intervention in Ukraine, setting the stage for potential tensions between the two European leaders.

Meloni emphasized the need to avoid a dangerous escalation and advocated against direct military intervention in Ukraine.

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