Kris Jenner, 68, reveals her ‘MISTAKE’ and says her 13 grandchildren to ‘will leave her ‘BROKE’


Reality star Kris Jenner, 68, lifts lid on why she can’t (and probably won’t) treat her grandchildren to quality one-on-one time with her, citing her recent mistake – taking out her eldest, Mason, for dinner.

The grannie with 13 grandchildren aged four months to 14 years old, said she is at the moment ‘not feeling encouraged’ about trying to ‘really get to know’ them all as she joked it would take her ‘half a month’ and leave her broke – despite her statement of worth, estimated around $200 million.

The Grandma She Wants to be

‘I often say to myself that I really should be the kind of grandmother that takes my grandchild to dinner, like once a month,’ she said at Los Angeles Magazine’s The L.A. Woman Luncheon.

But maybe she will no longer be that grandma she ‘dreams of’ after her experience with her daughter Kourtney Kardashian‘s eldest son Mason caused her to have a rethink.

The Promise

After a drink, she ended up promising him a car if he avoided drink and drugs before he turns 16.

‘I think I did make a little mistake because I took Mason out to dinner, and I was in a really good mood,’ she recalled. ‘I probably had a vodka or something, I don’t know I wasn’t driving.

‘But we met at dinner because he likes to go have sushi and I was like, “Listen if you don’t drink or do drugs until you’re sixteen, and you can prove it – you know it involves testing and all sorts of stuff – I will buy you a car for your sixteenth birthday,’ she recalled.

Why She’s Going Broke

‘And he loved that and what I realized that I have to do that 13 times. I’m going broke! Thirteen times.’

Kris, who previously revealed her grandchildren call her ‘Lovey,’ was speaking at the event at The Fairmont Miramar last week.

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Meanwhile, despite fearing she will be out of pocket if she treats them all to dinner and promises of cars, Lovey said it makes her ‘happy’ to see them most days.

She said: ‘My little thing at the end of the day when I am getting ready for bed, I say, “how many of my grandkids did I get to see today?” And that’s really a thing I do every single day. I count (my blessings).

‘And yesterday I was at Kim’s office… and some of my grandchildren came in and they were walking by and I’m like, “Hold on one, two”, trying to count to see how far I get. But it’s like my thing. I love it, makes me very happy.’ 

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