Matt Rife exploring LEGAL ACTION after Fellatio allegation


Matt Rife seems ready to take a ‘comedian’ to court who accused him of performing a sex act to gain success — as Matt feels his rep’s been harmed, EmmanuelsBlog has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge says Matt and his team have been reaching out to various litigators to see what his best option might be to deal with the salacious claim made by entrepreneur Nima Yamini this week — including potentially filing a lawsuit against him.

The Allegation

ICYMI Nima — a self-described comedian — alleged he and Matt were once both brought into a room with two Hollywood execs and promised fame and fortune if they’d perform fellatio on them which Nima said he refused, but alleged Matt stayed behind and did the deed.

As it is

Matt’s name started to trend as a result of this allegation — and now, we’re hearing he feels he’s been defamed and appears inclined on taking some form of legal action here.

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Matt Wants to Defend Himself

We’re told Matt’s sick of people using his name to gain clout — which is obviously how he feels about Nima here, who appears to have no serious track record in comedy — and sources say Matt wants to stand up for himself especially against something as outlandish as this.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time someone’s name-dropped him to spark controversy.

There Was a First Controversy

Remember, TikToker Bunny Hedaya had her 6-year-old son blast Rife, saying he was ‘mean to girls’ in response to his standup special and Rife clapped back with, ‘your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans.’

He caught some flak for that and in the end, dropped the back and forth.

Here, though, sources say he wants to regain control of the narrative — because this claim of Nima’s is categorically false and he doesn’t want to let this guy get away with floating it unchecked.

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