Meghan Markle’s Favorite Iconic American Idol Contestant Is Pretty Famous

Meghan Markle's Favorite Iconic American Idol Contestant Is Pretty Famous

When Abigail Spencer graced Kelly Clarkson’s acclaimed talk show, she brought with her not only her impeccable fashion sense but also a heartfelt message from Meghan Markle, her cherished friend and former Suits co-star. 

The episode, which aired on Monday, February 26, saw Spencer, at the age of 42, engaging in lively conversation alongside Donald Faison, her co-star from Extended Family.

The discussion took a nostalgic turn when Donald reminisced about the enduring friendship he discovered with Zach Braff on the set of Scrubs, thanks to their professional collaboration. 

This prompted Kelly to inquire if Abigail had experienced a similar kindred connection with any of her past co-stars. 

Abigail’s response painted a picture of serendipity and immediate rapport. “Back in 2007, I was auditioning for a pilot on NBC, and during the screen tests, I encountered this strikingly beautiful person who was auditioning for the role of my best friend,” Abigail recounted. “There was this instant connection between us, and her name was Meghan Markle.”

In a casual yet significant revelation, Abigail conveyed Meghan’s warm regards to Kelly, adding that the Duchess of Sussex was an avid supporter during Kelly’s stint on American Idol. 

“Meghan sends her love and says she loved watching you on American Idol,” Abigail relayed, drawing a humorous acknowledgment from Kelly about her victorious run on the show.

Abigail emphasized that Meghan’s message was spontaneous and heartfelt, highlighting the Duchess’s genuine admiration for Kelly’s talent. “This wasn’t planned at all,” Abigail explained. 

“Meghan happened to mention her admiration for you during a dinner conversation with Michael Bublé, praising you as the greatest singer on earth.”

Despite the conclusion of their on-screen partnership in Suits in 2018, Abigail and Meghan’s off-screen friendship has only flourished.

 Even as Meghan embarked on a new chapter of her life, marrying Prince Harry, embracing royal responsibilities, and becoming a mother, her bond with Abigail remained strong. 

On Kelly’s show, Abigail shared insights into the depth of their friendship, which blossomed during their time on set and continued to grow thereafter. 

“We clicked right away, and our friendship deepened over the years,” she said. “Meghan is truly an extraordinary individual.”

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