Men struggle to be put second: Paloma Faith reveals heartbreaking REASON for split from husband Leyman Lahcine


Bake Off star Paloma Faith recently endured a heartbreaking split from husband Leyman Lahcine, who she was in a relationship with for more than a decade and shares two children with.

Now, the 42-year-old singer has come out to say that having children with her ex husband Leyman Lahcine was what led to the fallout of their marriage. 

Why Their Marriage Ended

Addressing her separation from partner of 10 years, she has confessed that becoming parents changed their relationship irreversibly, as she was unable to give Leyman the same level of attention as before.

Speaking to the Independent, she said: ‘You either grow together, adapting to one another like expandable foam and filling the gaps where it’s empty – or one person grows and the other stays the same. 

‘And I think for me, becoming a mother was such a massively life-changing experience that for the first time in my life, I needed more than nothing – and the expandable foam just wasn’t there.’

Paloma Has No Regrets

Becoming more brutal in her honest assessment, she said: ‘Our relationship ended because we have those children. And I think that was worth it.’

Last month, Paloma reviewed the split from Leyman, explaining that ‘resentment built’ when she could no longer ‘put him first.’

Speaking to The Times, the Only Love Can Hurt Like This hitmaker added that she now has a good relationship with her children’s father, because there is no ‘expectation’ put on either of them.

Paloma explained: ‘I have a really good relationship with the kids’ dad so sometimes it’s like, “What are we doing? Why are we not together?”

‘But the key to the success of our relationship now is absence of expectation. Expectation leads to disappointment.’ 

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Paloma Faith Children

Paloma welcomed their first daughter in December 2016, followed by their second in February 2021. 

She added that most of the issues were due to the fact that she could no longer give Leyman the attention that he had enjoyed when they were childless, saying: ‘Men like to be put first and resentment builds.’

Paloma added: ‘It’s nice to have a cuddle, but what people want from a relationship I’m not able to give at this point. Men struggle to be put second!’

Paloma told The Mirror she is getting her life back on track and has cheekily declared she is now in her ‘MILF era’.

She also told the outlet he won’t listen to her new album to hear what she’s being saying about their split.

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