Mother killed son, 3, AFTER she deliberately scalded and shook him because he was messing with his food


Christina Robinson from County Durham lied/claimed her three-year-old son died choking on a cheese bap has been ‘found out’.

The Whole Story

The 30-year-old woman lost her temper (for whatever reason) as she violently shook her son Dwelaniyah at the home in Ushaw Moor, Durham, in November 2022.

The jury today found that her action caused a fatal brain injury to her son on November 5 2022 while she was the only adult in the house, meanwhile, she claimed at the time he had stopped breathing while eating a cheese bap.

Court Heard

She started off by saying her reason to use the cane was that the boy, 3, was messing around with his food.

Also, prior to Dwelaniyah’s death, she had deliberately immersed him in scalding water, causing severe burns that caused the helpless son some excruciating pains.

She treated his injuries herself and did not seek medical help as safeguarding concerns would have been obvious if a health worker saw him.

It was more than 20 minutes before she dialled 999, first speaking to her husband on the phone despite him being away serving with the RAF 240 miles away, and then using Google to look at how to resuscitate a child, DailyMail reports.

Despite Efforts, He Couldn’t be Saved

Her call to operator when she dialled emergency line was recorded saying: ‘He’s only three. He’s not breathing. He was eating and then his eyes just went all weird and then… I’ve been doing CPR for about five minutes.’ 

When the emergency services arrived, Robinson appeared calm as she explained her version of events to a police officer while medics worked desperately on Dwelaniyah.

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All efforts at the scene were to no avail. Dwelaniyah could not be saved and died at the house, although further attempts to resuscitate him were made in hospital.

What Will Happen to the Mother?

Robinson who is a member of the extremist Black Hebrew Israelite religion, later admitted hitting the little boy with a bamboo cane but claimed she was following a Bible scripture which advised the use of the rod for the ‘correction’ of children.

The woman has today been convicted of murder and four child cruelty charges.

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