Russian Military Personnel Subjects Moscow Terror Suspects To Torture, Utilizing An 80-Volt Battery

Russian Military Personnel Subjects Moscow Terror Suspects To Torture, Utilizing An 80-Volt Battery

The suspects involved in the horrific terror attack at the Moscow concert hall have been presented in court displaying signs of torture, following reports of Russian soldiers boasting about using an 80-volt battery to electrocute one of the suspects.

This attack resulted in the deaths of over 130 individuals, marking it as one of the most devastating terror incidents in history, occurring on Friday.

Disturbing photographs emerged online, depicting a Tajikistan national, identified as Shamsuddin Fariddun, lying on a gym floor with his pants pulled down and wires connected to his groin. Russian security forces were reportedly seen boasting after subjecting him to torture, with visible wires emanating from a TA-57 military field telephone capable of delivering discharges of up to 80 volts.

In the image, Fariddun’s mouth appears foamy, and he seems to be clenching his teeth while a person in military attire stands with their foot on his leg. This photograph was circulated on Telegram channels associated with the security services.

Additionally, recent images have surfaced showing the suspected terrorist and his alleged accomplices appearing battered, bruised, and disoriented as they sit in the dock during their court appearance in Russia. The sight of the individual connected to wires is indicative of the prevalent electrocution torture method employed in Russia.

Furthermore, it follows a separate incident wherein one of the suspects had their ear cut off on camera with a knife during their apprehension in the Bryansk region on Sunday.

Saidakrami Murodalii Rachabalizoda sits inside the defendant cage. His ear looks to have been cut

A telegram channel linked to Wagner paramilitary force said the picture shows how “an ordinary interrogation takes place using a military field telephone TA-57, in common parlance ‘Tapik’. “By turning the coil…discharges are released through the wires… up to 80 volts, which in turn are connected to the prisoner by the fingers, ears or genitals… For best effect, the captured militant should be poured with water.”

 “It is obvious that sanctions for these tortures, as well as for the torture of Ukrainian prisoners, are given from the very top… The same as with Prigozhin using a sledgehammer… an executor of the will of the murderer and dictator Vladimir Putin… If there is all the evidence and [it] has been collected, why should the FSB torture the Tajiks? So that they take the blame and voice a version [of the atrocity] convenient for Putin and the FSB?”

Tonight, three out of the four suspects charged with orchestrating the attack on the concert hall in Moscow have confessed their guilt in a Russian court.

The Basmanny District Court in Moscow formally accused Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev (32), Saidakrami Rachabalizoda (30), Mukhammadsobir Faizov (19), and Shamsidin Fariduni (25) of committing a terrorist attack resulting in fatalities as a group. This offense carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. The court has mandated that these individuals, all Tajikistan citizens, remain in pre-trial detention until May 22.

Following the charges, Mirzoyev, Rachabalizoda, and Shamsidin Fariduni confessed to their involvement. However, Faizov, the fourth suspect, arrived at court from a hospital in a wheelchair and remained with his eyes shut during the proceedings, receiving medical attention for multiple cuts. He appeared in a hospital gown and trousers.

The other three suspects, visibly bruised with swollen faces, allegedly endured torture during interrogation by security forces, as reported by Russian media. Rachabalizoda, one of the suspects, had a heavily bandaged ear, reportedly due to an incident during questioning.

Fariduni was reportedly observed surveilling Crocus City Hall on March 7, coinciding with a warning issued by the US and UK embassies in Moscow regarding an imminent threat targeting crowded venues. Following his detainment in the Bryansk region on Saturday, Fariduni was seen kneeling.

Exiled journalist Dmirty Kolezev – editor of Republic media – said: “The Russian security forces are leaking photos showing that detained terrorist attack suspects are being tortured with electric shocks by tying wires to their genitals.

“I have no doubt that after this there will be admissions that the order to kill people in Crocus was given to them personally by Zelensky. Torture is, unfortunately, commonplace.

“What is unusual here is that the security forces used to bashfully hide this. But now they are proud of it and, apparently, they themselves release photographs of torture to friendly Telegram channels.”

On Sunday, the aforementioned suspect was escorted along with other purported terrorists to the Russian Investigative Committee for an official interrogation. All individuals exhibited indications of having undergone torture.

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